Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I have a question for y'all

Okay so this sort of a random thought but I think about baby names all the time. Since we named Matthew, I obsess over his name. I actually really love his name though it would not have been my first choice it worked out and the reason behind naming him Matthew is special and means a lot to Kevin. Also, interestingly, since so many people are now opting for "unusual" a la Hollywood, Matthew is not as common as people think. We have in two years actually only run into two kids named Matthew (one was in tumbling class and was a year older and the other was randomly at a breakfast place on Whidby Island in WA state and he was a year older as well.) At any rate, as you may or may not be aware, Kevin and I have yet to really commit to deciding to have another baby. We continue to go back and forth about it and probably will right up till the day we conceive! We basically are saying perhaps we might think about possibly having another babe after our Jamaica adventure next year in Feb/March.

But I seriously think about baby names constantly. I have to confess when I see a name I like I actually write it down in a little book or e-mail the name to myself. What a dorky loser, huh? I worry that we will decide to have a second child and then have no names picked out like it was with Matthew. I have about 30 girl names and close to ZERO boy names which I worry about because once again that was how it was in the end with Matthew as well - we had about ten girl names picked out and one "eh we can live with it" boy name before we settled on Matthew.

We totally are not into the "unusual" names thing. Partly because many do not fit with Schmidt but also because in some small way I worry that Apple Schmidt will not be able to get job when she is 25. Okay not that I would consider Apple as a name and really only someone like Gweneth Paltrow could get away with that (plus we all know that children born to celbs end up in the biz anyway so Apple totally makes sense for her...)

My question after all this ramble is: do other people do think about names as much as I do? I know many of you are expecting so I guess you may not count especially since most of you are/were quite sure you wanted a(nother) baby but even so - please tell me I am not the only freak in the world who obsesses over baby names even though there is no baby in our future at the moment!


jennifer said...

We think about names too but when we cast one aside we normally add "that would make a good cat name though!"

So I guess that makes me a double freak dork.

Welcome to our World said...

Hehe - yeah I actually can add that worry to my list as well - I think will my kid sound like a dog (or cat) name?!

My hair dresser recently had a baby and she named her Lucy and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from saying oh that is our dog's name! EKK!


shades of gray said...

Okay, if you think you're strange, than add me to the list. I've been writing down baby names since before I was even married! You never know when you just might find the perfect one! ;)

Welcome to our World said...

I suppose I have been doing that too and I did not think I ever want kids back then... hmm, maybe I am closet wanter of children and I just cannot admit my "problem"!

shades of gray said...

I suppose there are a lot worse problems you could have... ;)

Welcome to our World said...

Good point - okay that and coffee... I like to pretend I am not interested in either but really lately that is ALL I can think about. PA-THE-TIC!