Thursday, June 14, 2007

Matthew wants these shoes...

Ah, I am hard at work as you can well tell... Over the past, eh, six (maybe eight) weeks I have had a horrible time concentrating at work. Mostly because I have been exhausted. There are three reasons for this: I was staying up late to watch the final season ending episodes of some of my favorite shows (said sobbing over the fact that will be something like EIGHT months until a new epi of LOST...), Matthew was waking up more and more at night (see the previous post about the crib/toddler bed transition/regression) and freakin' Santana. Every year around this time that dog gets stupid. Last night Santana literally whined for two hours until I dragged myself (cursing silently) to let him out THREE TIMES throughout the night. And I slept on the couch just so I wouldn't need to go as far...

Might I add that Matthew actually went to sleep at 9:15p last night - HOORAY! We are getting closer to 8:00p slowly but surely!

At any rate, it is super hard to concentrate at work when your eyes are half mast even after the morning coffee (or two - well on my way to be highly addicted to caffeine again I will have you know - even though I promised myself I would never be like that again... oh but the Starbuckets calls my name every time I pass and there really is nothing better then a good strong cup of hot, black coffee first thing in the morning to shake the cobwebs out.) As I wax poetic about a cup of coffee - that is a sure sign I AM addicted.

SO without further ado, I really really really want to get Matthew a pair of these shoes ASAP just because they are too dang cute and I have this feeling soon enough I will not have as much say into what he wears so I better enjoy it while it lasts OR have another baby whom I can boss around. Oh and they HAVE to be Converse - not knock offs - I have no idea why but I love Converse and I want him to have these. I AM a freak.

We also recently bought Matthew these sheets before I realized they would not fit his bed until we move his bed to the REALLY big boy bed. Here's hoping he still likes construction stuff when he gets to that stage! Opps...

And finally, I am gunning to get Matthew this because he needs it for his development and besides I had one when I was little and I would not be the charming individual I am without it... ha-ha. And here's a long, rambling thought to go along with that: I think my mother hoped I would become an artist like her and I am SO far from being an artist, it is pathetic - in fact I can remember taking these clay art classes when I was like 6-7 yrs old and I was horrid - I could barely make a ball of clay look good!

Prior to that experience, we had to do this sewing thing in first grade - it involved a piece of burlap and some yarn. Now granted things at home were not good at all but my project was so utterly and seriously pathetic, I can remember the look on the teacher's face... It was something like "oh you poor untalented girl" (plus she did not like me or perhaps her job in the least...) In addition to that look I can remember that those around me either were all budding artists or they had A LOT of help from their parents because mine was embarrassing, really. Then in some way perhaps to make up for it or to remind me FOR YEARS that thing hung in my room so I looked at it every time I was in bed. Taunting me and my non-artistic self.

Of course, I was no good at art or math (my nuclear engineer father could not figure that one out at all...) So really I spent most of my childhood wondering I was indeed adopted and would search my parents drawers for the papers to tell me so... Now that I know - I blame it all on the fact that my mother never even attempted to breast feed me! Damn being the third child!


jennifer said...

Matias is getting me this corny shirt that says "English Major. You do the math"


And my mom still has my apron from 7th grade Home Ec - a class I nearly failed.

Welcome to our World said...

I LOVE IT! I need something like Daughter of an Engineer and an Artist - Figures I turned out this way.

I have no idea what happened to that burlap thing but it is literally burned in my memory. I can remembering staring at it and thinking how I could have done it better but alternately thinking it was not that bad (BUT oh it was bad!)

At least you have the patience for the Creative Memories stuff - I tried ONE time to scrap book and totally quit after that attempt in about five minutes.

I have this creative side that is fighting to get out but perhaps the burlap and clay are holding it back... hmmm, will have to look into that which may require some therapy and who the hell has time for that!? ;)

jennifer said...

I think I'll continue the CM discussion over at my blog cause let me tell you - it wasn't easy getting over my non-creative ways :)