Sunday, July 29, 2007


So the other day we were talking with Matthew about - you guessed it - babies. We figure if we discuss the idea of babies now that if we ever decide to have another one, he will be well prepared for it!

Here's a real conversation from two days ago.

Kevin: "Matthew would you like baby brother or sister?"

Matthew: "...mmm YES!"

Kevin: " Yeah?"

Matthew: "Yeah."

Kevin: "well which would you want?"

Matthew "...mmm, baby sister!"

Kevin: Yeah? Cool. What would you name her?"

Matthew: (very thoughtful on this for a few seconds...) "mmmm... BABY." Trundling off happily like he just discovered the cure for cancer or something.

On another note, I tried to break my ankle yesterday doing laundry. I fell down the stairs, there was pop and my ankle is now swollen and it hurts. We think it is just a bad sprain. It sucks.

We went to the county fair again yesterday - that sucked to. Note to one's self: visit the fair the first days, not the last days. All the cool animals are gone and the only action is the demo derby which ehmm, NO.

Finally, Matthew filled his giant metal Tonka truck up with sand as he likes to do now a days and move it out of the sand box to another part of the concrete pad behind our house. It is annoying but whatever, it is easier to clean up then say in the grass like he did recently so I cannot complain. So he did the filling up of the dump truck yesterday evening and took off at mock speed toward the other side of the concrete pad but was busy looking DOWN and ran head long into the post. It was like a comical slow motion skit - the truck stopped dead and Matthew went head long into the post. If he was hurt, I would not be writing about this but he was not and seriously it was hysterical. It was one of those you had to be there but I had to write about it because I had to do everything to suppress the howls of laughter boiling up inside me.

Nothing like a warm summer day to keep us entertained!

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