Friday, July 27, 2007

There's a comedian in the house

Matthew was a hoot last night. He had Kevin and I rolling on the ground. And the more we laughed, the more he performed. I cannot even begin to tell you what it was that he was doing. He was just funny.

Ex. #1: He was eating raspberries and he put one on his finger and held it up and then would beckon to us with the raspberry finger. It was the look on his face and the beckoning action that was truly hysterical.

Ex. #2: It was pizza night in the Schmidt household and while Matthew usually wants nothing to do with pizza, he was all into last night. Getting Matthew to eat when we eat dinner has been a struggle. We try not to take a hard core approach to food - like you must eat when we eat or else no more food for you so we usually just save dinner for him and if he is hungry and wants to eat later he can. We think he is usually not ready to eat after getting home from his day for two reasons - they give him a snack around 5:00p at DC and he is SO freakin' excited to see his "stuff" that dinner is really secondary in the big scheme of things. OMG, I have gotten off track like a bloody train wreck - yeah so he was eating his pizza for once and seemed to be done with his meal. We said it was time to go brush his teeth because it was bed time - he grabbed his half eaten pizza marched to the bathroom and proceeded to stuff the remainder of his pizza in his mouth before brushing his teeth. Apparently he is not into crusts because he only ate the main part!

Ex. #3: He has also taken to going around calling everything his - when his Auntie Lisa visited last weekend, he "showed" her the whole house. He now says this is "my couch" and "my front door" and "my bed" and "my room"... well you get idea. It totally cracks us up. Last night after stuffing said pizza in his mouth he yelled come into MY bathroom, mom. So I yelled back Matthew if that is your bathroom you owe me a few thousand dollars! I have decided this my course of action in this matter - the house and all that is in it can be HIS but he will owe US a lot of money for all of it!!!

Ex. #4: Right before going to sleep, Matthew likes us (me) to sing songs to him. We have three songs we sing in the same order every night and one of them is Isty Bitsy Spider. I never do the motions but for some reason I decided to do them and he kept yelling "BAND PRACTICE" every time I would try to start singing. I could hardly stop laughing the whole time. You see they have band practice on Thursday at school with Kid Kazooey and apparently they did Itsy Bitsy Spider that day.

Ex. #5: The kid was dancing to Daddy's whistling and humming the ABC song. He was just funny. At one point I did not laugh at what something he said and he looked at me dead pan and said "mommy laugh. NOW!"

Ex. #6: Matthew has also decided to use the term "REALLY bad" all the time. For instance, this morning he said to me "Mommy I want to go downstairs to play with my toys REALLY BAD!" It is dang hard to keep a straight face when your two old says things like this because while to the outside world it is not that funny - it mostly that that angelic little baby face with the cute little Matthew voice is saying "Really bad" all adult like and OMG he so sounds like Mickey Mouse on helium.

My kid is becoming a comedian and I love it!

PS: Who else it reading Harry Potter?! I am loving it and trying not to PLOW through it because I know once it is done there will be no more BUT it is REALLY hard not to. I am exhausted from staying up late trying to get one more chapter in. I am a little more then half way through and I SO cannot wait to talk about it with people!


Kelly said...

Yeah, I totally plowed through Harry Potter! Let me know when you're finished so we can talk about it!

Welcome to our World said...

Finished it Saturday - we can totally talk about it but not in front of Kevin - he is at like page 400! ;)