Friday, July 27, 2007

A Very Public Apology

I know that I have complained about day care situations A LOT both here and in person. However, after re-reading my post from yesterday, I must say that day care is not that bad and I realize that some times when you say something or put it in print people start to congratulate themselves for not having to deal with something like that or especially anyone who is expecting a child - that they get freaked out about what do when their baby arrives and they may need to find day care for their little ones.

It is sort of like when you see another child have a freak out temper tantrum at Target and you thank your lucky stars your little one is sitting angelically in the cart in front of you. We must remember we may all have to be in that situation at some points in our lives and I do not want any one to be scared or nervous about it because it is part of life in this day and age. AND it is not THAT bad!

There are many people who love their day care situation and feel great about. We just have not had the best experiences to varying degrees and I think that if you judge a book by its cover or one person's review of a situation then you are sadly mistaken. Not all families who go to day care (or have a nanny or take their child to smaller at home situation or have a parent look after their child) have had the same experiences as we have had. Day care is not bad, I promise.

In fact, there are many positives to daycare. The things that Matthew was so sorely missing because he was "at home" with just Katie/Tammi were available at day care ten fold. The environment is loving and kind and Matthew gets ten times the hugs and snuggles every day from various very sweet kind loving people who think the absolute world of him. He does wonderful projects and has made friends with the charming little boys and girls from all over world that are represented at his current daycare. He is very well adjusted (to well adjusted!!??!) and he charm the pants off of anyone (I doubt that will be good thing when he is 16 but let's just not go there...)

The move we are making after next week will be a change from both the at home care situation and the big day care center situation but it won't be that much different. It will just be on a smaller scale. Just remember to plan ahead, realize what you are getting into and how it will affect you and your child and do not hesitate to change if you feel that the situation is not right for you and/or your child (I have learned that being a parent means having a Plan B & C because Plan A is not always going to work!)

Please accept my apologies for posting when I was angry and frustrated!

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Kelly said...

Ok, so I'm curious. Was this in response to a confrontation with somebody about your post?