Thursday, July 26, 2007

A kiss & a hug

Man, day care is kicking my son's proverbial ass (and mine quite frankly)... So let's not count all the shit Matthew has been through since the "transition" in January but recently my son has been scratched to hell by Franklin on his face, he received a bite on his shoulder from Nathaniel that no one saw and the teachers all thought he was rehashing something old when he really did get a bite on his shoulder so they just blew off his story, he was scratched on his back by Franklin yesterday afternoon AGAIN, he talked about Nathaniel hitting his friend, Ella, and finally his very best buddy, Adi, is taking the spot they offered to us in another room so Adi can transition early. It has been a horrible two weeks for us. I have been miserable, Kevin has been miserable and worst of all my happy smiling little man has been in the dumps.

Matthew was doing SO well. He was eating happily (four bites of happiness but happy none the less), he was going to bed ON TIME without a fuss, he was a joy to drop off and pick up and generally life was good. Then things took a turn for the worse. I am so done with this whole concept of large scale day care. It is freakin' ridiculous.

What the hell? I mean why in the world would you keep two children who clearly have issues/are assaulting other children in a large group setting. I am so angry with the school and the parents. I think it is the stupidest rule I have ever heard that you have to keep the children's names quiet (they cannot tell me that Franklin bite my son BUT my freaking son can tell me so why keep it quiet???) Shouldn't we talk about this shit openly? Wouldn't that make it better if we were open with how children are treating other children? I am more angry that no one is pointing fingers and saying "your child is a problem" and we need to do something about it. If Matthew were the problem, I would be all over trying to figure out how to deal with it - that would be all I would talk about with everyone. These two sets up parents are SO freaking clueless (I am not just making that up - we have spent time around both and they do not know how to rein their kids in nor do they take into account that these little people have feelings and those feelings are just as important as their own...) I mean this is assault as far as I am concerned. If someone walked up to me in any public or private setting and took their finger nails, dug them into my checks and scratched as hard as possible because I had the (insert the item) fire truck and the other person wanted it - one would call the police, no?

Yes, I am angry so I should probably not be writing about this BUT YES I AM ANGRY and I need to write about it! He will be all right and so will we - this too shall pass and life will get better. Life is just not fair and I know that is shitty lesson for anyone to learn especially a two year old. I would have liked for Matthew to be a little older to learn that lesson and I know he will be fine but still... August 6th cannot come quick enough. I suppose this will prepare him for real school where there are crappy bullies and kids that cause trouble (I should know... I was totally a trouble maker in school... ack another story, another time... Let's just say the principal did not take kindly to the wet wads of toilet paper being thrown on the ceiling of the girl's bathroom when I was in 3rd grade...)

All I can do until then is keep telling the teachers and administrators at BDLC what is happening, hope for the best and at the beginning and end of every single day offer Matthew all the love I can give plus a kiss & a hug.


Kelly said...

Hang in there, Christina. Only another week or so left!

Welcome to our World said...

I know! I cannot wait - I am so tired of feeling so bad for Matthew and that I cannot help or control the situation more for Matthew... I guess that is something I will need to learn to do with him overall in life - not just a life lesson for Matthew but me as well!

Thanks! ;)

Jen said...

Man, that Franklin is a little bully! Thank goodness you'll have new daycare soon!