Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Balancing Act

From BabyCenter about my 27-28 month old: This month, see if your toddler can balance on one foot for a second or take a big jump forward with her feet together.

During the 2nd yr visit, they ask you to see if your child can jump over a piece of paper. Apparently this is a developmental thing. Ever since Matthew's two year visit we have been checking to see if Matthew can do the whole jump over a piece of paper thing. He has always been a dare devil so jumping is not the issue. He could jump but just could not entirely clear the paper. About three weeks ago, Matthew finally did it! He took a giant arm swinging leap over the piece of paper both with the paper sideways and long ways. WOW! I know it does not sound like much but it was pretty cool to see his vertical improve so vastly in just a few months time! I am fairly certain Matthew has been able to do that balancing on one foot thing for quite a while.

At any rate, the point of telling you this really has nothing to do with his accomplishment but more with the fact that I cannot believe some times that he can do these things. It is not like I did not know it was going to happen. I can also see why most parents suddenly want another baby at this point (well earlier I guess since most of my "peers" are either pregnant with their 2nd or trying.) I think some of it comes from nostalgia for the "baby" side of things. That is why I would have considered having a 2nd anyway! I miss that baby phase to some degree and we do as humans tend to forget all the hard stuff and just focus on the good (much like the birthing process!!!)

I am happily excited for Matthew when he does something cool and new but it is odd because I probably could have written a book about Matthew's changes when he was baby - it was a momentary changes from the time when he was 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months old. Now the changes come but they are hardly noticeable in some ways. It is just that he is changing and growing but not nearly as quickly as that baby stage.

I was thinking the other day 'what in the world should I write about?' - something cute that Matthew says? Something new that he has done? - what? The fact is that most everything he does and says is really cute (hehehehe, I keed, I keed) and who wants to hear about how dang cute my son is ALL the time and that there is not really anything earth shakingly new that he is doing.

But then I remembered the paper jump and it dawned me that I should continue to enjoy every single last moment with my son. Every single hug, kiss and hand holding (he likes to hold my hand before going to sleep at night... I love this so much I cannot even express in words how I feel about that...) because before I know it he will have a sign posted on his door that reads KEEP OUT. And he will be embarassed by my dorkiness and that life will be different in the blink of an eye. Especially if there is another baby in the future... Nothing will ever be the same when that happens.

On that note, Matthew keeps asking for baby sister?! - I am not sure where he got that idea from - seriously, I have not ever mentioned to Matthew that I want a girl and it was merely in passing to Kevin that I wanted a girl but not when the little guy was around... I laugh every time he asks. We tell him that maybe in a little while. I guess it is something he maybe hears from other kids in his classes whose parents are either pregnant or recently had another baby. I don't know - it freaks me out!

Finally, we have been talking about dreams a lot lately with Matthew. We thought he had a bad dream that woke him up on Sunday AM but I think he was just mad that we did not come when he called us right away and started crying to prove his anger! Now he has been telling us he has dreams every morning. Which just makes me giggle because I wonder what in the world a two year old dream would look like!?

Part of my curiosity comes from this conversation between Matthew and Kevin from last night. Kevin whispered to Matthew 'Do you want to go ask Mommy to get something really good?' Matthew whispered back 'yeah'
Daddy asked him what he thought it was and Matthew whispered 'toys'.
Kevin said no something better and (apparently his eyes became round as saucers) Matthew said 'DIGGERS!!'
And Kevin said no something even better then diggers and Matthew responded 'DUMP TRUCKS!!!'

At this point Kevin said he was laughing so hard he just said 'No Matthew ice cream from Dairy Queen - how about ice cream from DQ?' SO can you imagine the dreams this kid is having? Visiting the toy section in Target and dump trucks and diggers... all filled with vanilla DQ soft serve!

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