Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yummalicious Fruit Smoothies By Christina

I have been crazy craving smoothies lately. I went out and bought all the stuff I would need the past two weeks but never ended up using it until today. I thought I would share the yummy recipe.

Fruit Smoothie By Christina ;)
I used one serving of Brown Cow plain yogurt (the whole fat kind)
half of a bag of frozen organic strawberries
1 medium sized organic banana
and maybe a tablespoon of honey (or two...)

Throw that all in the blender and blend away until smooth and drinkable. Add a straw and drink it up!

This is NOT low fat but dang if it is not the best tasting Smoothie I have had in a while. I am sure you could make it lower fat with a lower fat yogurt which I will try this weekend and report back to you. I plan to try this one out on Matthew too!


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