Saturday, July 7, 2007

"We are all environmentalists as long as we live on this earth."

Remember to check out the Live Earth concert today on Bravo (Channel 28 locally.) It is amazing!!!

Take this quiz to learn more.

Here is a good article to read or this one.

Watch an An Inconvenient Truth - it is next on our Netflix queue! And check out the Tree hugger site as well.

Check out the Live Earth web site NOW.

BTW, remember we have TWO local CSAs in Bloomington and they can be found all over this country. Kevin and I are planning to join a CSA this year - it is good for you, your local economy, and the environment.

It is telling when the local 4th of July parade had more environmental displays as it did church groups & politicians - there are plenty of resources to learn and use. Remember if you think you cannot afford organic food - there is a food pantry called Mother's Hubbard Cupboard that only does healthful, wholesome foods (my other colleague started this and it is amazing as well.)

My colleague was telling me that there has been a lot of mention of the tipping point with this issue and I am HOPING we are there today because if we all do not do our part our children (or their children...) will not know the earth as we know it today. That does not just mean recycling it means SO many things from eating locally (and not just organic), thinking about the products you buy to clean with, the products you buy for your children and yourself (where they are made, how they are made and the amt of fuel it takes to bring those "cheap" products to you), reduce, reuse and recycle, change your bulbs out for more energy efficient ones, drive less (car pool if possible), buy more fuel efficient cars, PLANT TREES, the list goes on and while it may seem time consuming or expensive - is your child's future worth it???

I was watching Matthew watching Live Earth - taking it all in -the music, the stories about how to do things better for our environment and I welled up with tears because I want what is best for him and that includes fresh air to breath and clean water to drink, trees to hang out of and unpolluted dirt to dig in, fresh, healthy food to eat and a long long life filled with all of the blessing life allows for... All children deserve that.

The title of this post says it all - we all all environmentalists as long as we live on this earth!

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