Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nothin' like a little stomach flu...

to make you realize how wonderful life really is when you do not have the stomach flu... Ah, yes, I have been blessed with the stomach flu. Out of fracking no where - it slammed into me. Like a piano falling on my head or a ton of bricks but better because I was alive and writhing about and sweaty and OH GAWD I felt like shit. So yeah, I have had a piece of toast today and nothing to eat since 1:00p yesterday afternoon. The toast went down well so I may try a smoothie later. I figure it has fruit and yogurt - what could possibly go wrong?! I actually never threw up... I fought it with that iron will I have when it comes to throwing up. I would rather have spontaneous combustion occur to my stomach then throw up.

Poor Matthew. He has been all "where's mommy?" which is slightly confusing because he is totally on a mommy kick lately. I miss him. I want to hug and kiss and snuggle with him but all I can do it huddle in a sweaty mass on the bed... ah you would think I was dying from this flu and that is has lasted much longer then a mere 24 hours! I have been in the mood to be dramatic lately so enjoy!

I am having some charming "me" time right now. I finally felt well enough to stumble out of bed to put the garbage out which nearly sent me back to the toilet and/or bed. BUT I did it. I also had the chance to watch A Baby Story FOUR times! I am so weird about that show - it is like my deep dark secret. I would obessively watch it before I ever even became pregnant and even more so once I was pregnant and now I am STILL addicted to it. AND without fail I tear up and sob right as the baby is born! ALWAYS. That I never did until I had a baby but now - oh my... it is SO pathetic. I also had the joy of watching a physician do a real live episitomy yesterday... I shrieked and covered my eyes in mortification. That baby being born did not make me cry because I felt so horrid for the mother!

Ah, little bundles of baby make me cry... I admit it. I wonder when I will have that moment again to cry when I see another little one in my arms and I think about that moment when I held Matthew in my arms after so long waiting. I cherish that moment and that is why I cry. I think that moment is incredible. The surprise of finding out if it was a boy or girl, the joy of knowing he had 10 toes and fingers, that he was healthy and mostly that he was mine/ours - that he was part of the circle of our family. What a wonderful moment and so I cry every time I see it again and again on that show!

Ah, off to see Days of Our Lives. Did you know that Tony has been in exile for 20 years and it was his evil cousin who pretending to be him all this time?!?!?

Yeah, I know. Go back to sleep.


Jen said...

Feel better my friend!

Welcome to our World said...

Thanks! As you know I am feeling a tons better besides that nagging hellish headache, and those happen so often I don't notice them as much as before... SO FREAKING SAD to write that!