Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem

Ah, do you know what it is from? I do. I will share if you do not!

Matthew had his 1st Dentist appt yesterday which I missed :( because I was home sick. Kevin said the visit went wonderfully! He said Dr. Taylor was awesome. Doc Taylor is a Pediatric Dentist in case you are not from B-town and of course would not know this.

The office was totally kid friendly with beautiful paintings on the wall - I think he said a castle was painted in the waiting room and Matthew had the Arctic theme room - which was kind of cool because Matthew and I just watched Happy Feet together the day before! He said the staff was amazing and that Matthew just laid his little head back into the doctor's lap and let him check his teeth ten different ways for about 10-15 minutes! I was so happy to hear that Matthew was so great about the visit - I had my reservations especially when our regular Dentist said they recommended seeing him around 3-4 yrs of age (Whaaa??!?) I just assumed that was normal and actually most books and web sites even say seeing a dentist is not a necessary thing until they get older. I had no idea there was such a thing as a Pediatric Dentist till Kelly and Rachel told me about Dr. Taylor, thankfully.

The kid came home with some loot too! Stickers, a new kiddie Crayola toothbrush, Crayola kiddie flossers, a chart to check off doing the flossing and brushing twice a day, and, with his token, he got a big ole bouncy ball (which I was SO excited about - this is written while rolling my eyes -- since he immediately bounced it right on to the counter top after walking in the door from school ...)

The two biggest things to come from our visit... He has a cold sore. His first. Doc Taylor (don't ask me why I keep calling him Doc, it just feels fun...) asked if we had those and I sure did. I was actually looking at photos from when I was young yesterday because I want to start scanning some of them (they are totally discoloring and I do not want to completely lose them forever...) I have a freaking cold sore in almost all of them dating back till about 2 yrs of age... Poor kid - I was hoping he had not "inherited" that. I have SCARS from mine and I remember they were the most painful horrid things to have growing up. At least they have things like Abreva these days but Matthew cannot use that until we know he won't lick or rub it off so probably not until he is older. It is still somewhat of a comfort to know we can help his dry up faster and that he will out grow them eventually.

The other is the thumb sucking. Which I knew was going to be an issue of some sort. Dr. Taylor said is not going to effect him long term unless he does that thumb sucking that is super hard. But still... I have been trying to work on getting rid of that habit since he turned two. I need to do some reading but any suggestions will be taken! I know this going to be a hard habit to break which leads me to believe that the next baby we have will be a pacifier kid. I was SO opposed to that with Matthew but I really feel like it is much easier to take the pacifier away then the thumb. And while I love that Matthew can never lose his thumb, it will also be a ton of work to make him forget he needs it... It is amazing how our views change in parenthood!


Kelly said...

Good luck with breaking the thumb-sucking! I don't think I have enough energy in a day to worry about that right now. And besides, I thin kmy kid's already doomed to wear braces! ;)

Welcome to our World said...

I was hoping to get away with the no braces thing because I did... I think I am just ready for one comfort thing to go - the blankie seems good enough but we shall see. I figure if we just slowly plug away at the thumb he will get it. I am sure he will still be wearing diapers, sleeping in a crib and sucking his thumb by the time we decide to have a 2nd baby ;)

Welcome to our World said...

BTW - if you are wondering Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem is from the Muppet Show - please tell me you all remember this show. I know am a TINY bit older then some of you but NOT that much, right. RIGHT!?!?

Kelly said...

Right....but I still had no idea what you were talking about. :)