Friday, July 20, 2007

Where'd you go?

Where are all y'all? I hardly hear from you... Okay you hardly hear from me either but at least I blog or try to blog or well, okay my blog can be pretty hard core. I understand. I have always struggled with being all light and stuff. I love The Drama (note the caps there!) But still, where are you? I miss you. I love you (okay in some cases I just like you because I don't want you to get the wrong idear but you know...) I could talk to a wall but people this is ridiculous - talk to me. I need your support, your comments, your arguments as to why I am wrong (or right... ha, like that happens EVA!) I need you. I really really do. Or else I start to flounder all fishy like on the floor with the open O mouth and smell, gawd the smell and then you wonder where I have gone and I am all fish like on the floor from lack of water and too much O2 and... well you get the picture.


Moving on. My son. He eats like four bites of dinner. Seriously. FOUR. I count. Trust me. I am not worried about this... Too much. I was just thinking how much easier (hahahahaha) he was to feed when he was 12 months old. Okay, yeah I know you people with 12 month olds are like 'WTF is she talking about exactly? - I have to pick up a mound of food from the floor and off the walls and in my hair' but seriously I always knew that he ate enough. And... and I made the food - all of it and he ate it. A LOT of it. And it was almost all veggies and whole grain cereals and fruit. Now, I am happy if he slurps up the mound of ketchup next to the fries and maybe licks the garden grown tomato. I have tried everything. Butter on the beans. More sauce on the spaghetti. I seriously contemplated ice cream covered broccoli the other day but then I thought 'no.' And not because he would not eat it but mostly because he would suck the ice cream off the broccoli like a dang Hoover and leave behind sad sucked on broccoli and well we would be back to square one AND I would need to start making ice cream covered broccoli as a regular part of the line up. That is... okay it is SO eww gross so NO!

What happened to my complaint little eater? Where did he go? That was the one thing he WAS compliant about. Eating. He was a good nurser and eater and now... FOUR bites people. Worse yet I remember believing the hype (BULL SHIT) that if I feed my child healthy food when he was young he would like it when he was older - where did I get that from you ask? Well, my own head y'all... It is a load of hooey, trust me (but it sure does sell those organic baby food cookbooks doesn't it!? 'Cause I know how many of you have 'em - hey, you. Quit hiding them under the Betty Crocker one, I know it is there!!!) I could have made that kiddo a hard core vegan and he would still want only ketchup and ice cream (without eggs and milk of course - the soy kind or whatever Vegans eat...) I am not really asking for help or complaining - really. I just cannot believe that all of that "work" was for naught.

I have decided it all started with that 1st birthday cake - in all of its butter creamy delight. He used to think sweet potatoes and broccoli were the da bomb - that is SO not cool to say any more which just goes to show (1) I am totally embracing motherhood and am now officially an "uncool" mom and (2) I am a complete and total dorky dork - until that creamy sweet frosting slipped past his lips and all bets were off. Hmm, there's a thought: broccoli covered in frosting?

Ah, I know Matthew eats well. I know that kids his age have one big meal a day and they tell me at school that Matthew is a chow hound and usually the first thing he eats are his veggies and wants more so I am really not that worried but still... FOUR bites people. Ah, one day we will sit down as a family together for longer then 2.3 minutes!


Kelly said...

Sounds like you're one bite up on me! ;)

Welcome to our World said...

yeah... hopefully this will change. One day. And by the time it does Matthew will be all teenaged angsty and will not want to sit down for more then 2.3 minutes then either...

I have these blissful dreams that one day we will be like Ward, June and Cleaver boys sitting down to a civilized meal, talking about day and how work/school was...

What the hell has TV done to my brain anyway???!?!!??