Saturday, July 21, 2007

Red, white & blue, bubbles, the county fair & so much more

Wow, I am aim to please and bring it to you all. At once. Nothing like waiting to upload photos from six weeks back. Digital & I have a love/hate relationship. Mostly we love one another but I hate it because I forget to upload and print and put the photos in the right place. I am missing a HUGE chunk of photos from Matthew's party for that album... but that is a whole other story.

So without further ado, our recent adventures by way of photos...

I bought a yoga mat for various reasons - of course it has been used by Matthew more then I but let's not split hairs about it. Okay? Here is Matthew doing some "yoga" with me!

Happy belated 4th of July - Matthew was enthralled with the noise and kept asking for loud trucks to go by. It was wonderful but swampy morning followed by rain and more swampiness but all in all a great day!

Paint Foot

Matthew & I woke up one Sunday and decided to roll out some paper, get out the paints & brush and go to work. Mostly we ended up doing foot and hand prints which was just fine. This is Matthew lounging after playing Pollack.
BubbleFest - touching the funky dry ice bubbles

Today -with Auntie Lisa at the 1st day of M. County Fair

Matthew was totally amused by the goats and lambs -the pigs freaked him right out. We had lovely weather, it was a great afternoon at the fair, I would even go a 2nd time! Heck, Matthew got to eat chicken fingers, sweet corn dipped in butter and ice cream and I had funnel cake and we got to touch all kinds of charming animals even a baby cow (you know a calf for those who like things just so...) who wouldn't have a grand day with all of that!?!?

AND to top off all of these things Matthew was in 7th (10th... 100th...) heaven because he climbed and touched everything from diggers to tractors to RVs and more. Best $2 bucks we ever spent - A day at the fair is totally worth!

Happy last week in July to all!

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Jen said...

I love the picture of you and Matthew- so adorable!