Wednesday, August 29, 2007

$12 Million Dollar Dog

Okay, I have to admit when my husband and I drew up our will last year, we included our dogs in there. We set aside enough money for someone to take them and care for them for a period of time. We are talking a couple thousand. We wanted to ensure that if something happened to both of us, Santana & Lucy would not be left behind (or in Lucy's case end up right back at the animal shelter.) We LOVE our dogs.

Santana is my baby, a Jack Russell/Fox terrier mix - we got him when he was SIX weeks old and he almost died from Parvo. We used every bit of our savings at the time to keep him alive. I sobbed every day the entire week he was in the animal hospital and the most horrible moment was when the vet said 'you should probably go say good bye to your dog because it does not look good.' Two days later he came home with us having survived the ordeal - literally skin and bones. My wee pup who is yippy, loving and annoyingly jealous of Lucy. He licks and gets "right up in your grill" as one of our friends put it.

Lucy is the rescue dog, a lab terrier mix. We brought her come weeks before we found we were pregnant (ACK!) She was a mess. Clearly have been abused - she is terrified of women and dotes on Kevin. She would not sit near us and the only place she felt comfortable was pressed up against a wall as far away from anyone as possible. She had mange on her chest and stomach. She hated being on a leash, someone kicked and/stepped on this dog regularly because she could freak out when you touched her ribs and paws. She is much better now two and a half years later but she is still an odd ball. She loves me now but in a weird 'I am scared you will haul off and beat me' sort of way. She is a gentle 'giant' which is relative since Lucy is actually quite small. She will take food from your hand without even touching it barely and loves a good lick. That tongue is all over your face all the time. She is a spaz but we love her nonetheless. I will dig up some photos to post...

BUT still... Can you imagine leaving $12m for the dog AND nothing to your grand kids???? WOWZA.

Dude, think of all the people that money could have helped in the world... Strange lady.


Flibberty said...

You guys sound like wonderful dog parents. When I get organized enough (or have anything besides school loans to leave behind) I will be including the care of our canine family in my will too. Also, in my trusts and estates class in law school we had a whole day talking about pets in wills and case law with angry relatives disputing the cats getting the house, etc . . . it's a fascinating area of the law, let me assure you.

Welcome to our World said...

I bet it is fascinating! I can only imagine the disputes and arguments that family members have about that kind of stuff - people get crazy around money/property. I am sure someone in this family is going to put up a battle!