Friday, August 17, 2007

Four Lil' Babes

Can you imagine?

Me either... identical QUADS... Are you Autumn? No. Are you Autumn? No.

I would get tattoos for all of 'em! Okay, I would not but still... OMG and can you imagine the amount of hair products this house will have when these girls turn 16?! Yikes!

That and she was only two months early - okay I know that is a lot but I felt enormously gigantic with ONE... FOUR? For real, that would be an epic pregnancy! Can you imagine the 1st ultra sound? "There's one, no... two... wait... three. Holy SHIT that's four!?!?"

AND finally the MOST unimaginable part to me - FOUR babies and a toddler!? I get freaked out thinking about ONE toddler and ONE baby.

Wow, I wish them the best of luck!

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Tessie said...

This is why you need to be watching Jon and Kate Plus 8! They had 4 year old twins and then BAM! Newborn sextuplets!

That is crazy that they're identical. Seriously, what are the chances?