Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Run Forest Run!

Matthew has hit a new stage in his life. He runs. I mean he runs like the wind. It is a thing of beauty to see those still chubby but oh so strong little legs pin wheeling around. And when he falls he picks himself up and keeps going. He barely ever sheds a tear - just a look as if to say "hmm what slowed me down?" and then he moves on without a care in the world.

There is no stopping his energy - I hope he never loses the thrill of movement! We actually did what amounts to wind sprints for a 29 month old tonight out in the yard and he kept going as long as I did (and when I say wind sprints I looked like an arthritic old lady limping across the yard while by son passed me going at mock speed!) This stage is AWESOME (not the part about me wheezing trying to catch up to my son which is wholly unacceptable and quite pathetic might I add!)

I love this age. I want to hang on to this age like nothing I have ever wanted to hold on to. I can run with my child and laugh and sing and dance and be silly. We talk and reason and still tantrum but it is bearable because he will actually stop and listen. And he has started this pouty lip thing that I taught him unbeknownst to me. In my defense, he was asking me to be sad and I would make the pouty lip because I guess that is my international sign for sad! And he uses the toilet like an old pro to poop and pee (with dry pull ups at night!!!)

This age - ohhh I want to hug and kiss Matthew to pieces! I want to wrap this time up in giant truck and digger wrapping paper and never open it because it is just such a totally awesome time. It is like the universe has aligned itself in our house and it is good. Who knew!? I know it will change eventually because all things do and it may get better or it may just change... It will never be worse because "worse" would be not knowing Matthew at all. What a wonder he is to me! I helped make him - he is half of me and that is wonderful! Run Matthew Run!!!


Tessie said...

That dump truck is AWESOME.

Isn't it...WEIRD that they are half of us? AD just started doing this chewing on her lip thing and as soon as she did it, BR was like, "YOU do that". I do!

Welcome to our World said...

The dump truck is from Target - total impulse buy!

It is weird and I am always hoping he got the BETTER half of me, not the NOT so good half.

It is so amazing to see their personalities come out because so much of you and your spouse will be a part of that either from them watching & learning or just the ole gene pool. I love it!

BUT still freak-EEEE!