Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nothing to write...

Huh. I am at a loss for words. Stop laughing. I am seriously tapped out. Can you believe it? Me neither. I think life is just so status quo to really go on and on about anything - this is a good thing, I think!

I can tell you that I officially dislike the sand box in our backyard. We talked about giving it the old heave ho next year and replacing it with a nice wooden play set. We wanted to get Matthew a play set this year but decided against it for various reasons. That is what we talked about and at the time of this discussion I declared a veto to that idea because Matthew LOVES the sandbox but after the past few days of HOT STEAMING SAUNA BATH WATER weather, I am ready to remove the sandbox. There is nothing like a sweaty toddler who is naked on the bottom half wearing a wet t-shirt from playing in the pool who has jumped into the sandbox and then announces he needs to poop (or starts to poop for that matter) so that you must run (not walk) to the nearest bathroom with said toddler coated in sand and said toddler does not understand how much I freaking hate to step on sand in the bathroom hours after the sand has fallen free of said toddler's hands, butt, legs... and OMG I had that sandbox. UGH.

Yeah so there's that and this heat. Oppressive, yucky, sweaty, sticky, hellish heat. Global warming sucks. I hate that it is so hot I cannot have the windows open at all. I told Kevin yesterday that this kind of heat wave (that is never going to let up as I look at the 10 day forecast AND don't tell me I am being dramatic, I watch the weather like a hawk - it is supposed to be hot and dry for TEN DAYS people... LORD help me...) reminds me of winter time when we are stuck in the house because it is cold and you know you should go out because you will survive but you just don't want to because you like your hands and feet to have feeling. Only this is the opposite - I like to breath, you know like refreshing, normal smelling, cool air.

Ah, nothing to write, right?!

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Kelly said...

I hear ya! And try explaining to your 2-yr old why they can't go outside. It's been the nightly melt-down for the past week.

And if you do decide to get rid of your sand box, at least you know that Matthew has access to one during the day! :)