Tuesday, September 4, 2007


K said to M at dinner last night - "Look at Lucy she is being such a good dog." She was lying there beside the table sleeping while poor neglected (ha ha) Santana was being annoying and eating the food out of M's hand practically.

M looked down at Lucy and stopped any movement. He said very seriously and in a very quiet whisper "Shhhh Daddy. Lucy is asleep." He looked from K to me and back again. He was dead serious. K and I were fighting from laughing. I think I actually squeaked. Any noise we made, M would hold his finger to his lips and say "Shhhh, Lucy is sleeping. Be quiet, Mommy & Daddy." We finally both bust out laughing and M smiled and wagged his finger at us.

Lucy woke up at this point and M looked SO relieved to have Lucy up. He yelled "Lucy's up!"

He has been really into interacting with the dogs much more. He always noted them and liked them but now he wants them to be his "playmates" and he takes care of them most of the time. He wants to feed and pet them or give them hugs & kisses. It is really very cute and we love that he loves them so much! A boy and his dogs... Awwww.


Melissa said...

How cute! Lily loves our dogs too and often shows off her toys to them. I painted her toe nails Saturday night and on Sunday morning she walked right up to Jude and said "Look at my pink toes, Jude!" Although, as much as she loves them they do irritate her sometimes. She does not want them to touch her toys or go into a room before her.

Welcome to our World said...

Matthew was sort of touchy with them for awhile too but lately he has been more "welcoming of them." He has been having "SOME TROUBLE" sleeping and he loves when Lucy stays in there with him even though I think she mostly just makes him more awake!

The only time he has been bad with them lately is when he gets mad at us for saying no to something and he will try to hit the dogs (mostly because they are standing near him and not us.) AND he hates when Lucy licks which is ALWAYS... It is fun to see their "relationship" grow.

AND OMG how cute is that?!? "Look at my pink toes, Jude" I can so see her saying that. I also cannot get the image of her doing the neighbor wave/head nod to the neighbors out of my head. I want to see her do this because it cracks me up to just think about her doing it!!

Kelly said...

I saw the pink toes today and they looked very cute! The boys wanted to know why they couldn't have "color" on their toes. ;)

Welcome to our World said...

Ha-ha, I suppose toe nail polish on their toes would not be so bad - it cannot be any worse than Matthew asking me to "put my hair up, mommy."