Tuesday, October 16, 2007

20 Homes I Have Had

SO last night at 2:20a my son came wandering in our room to my side of the bed in all his Linus like glory toting that ragged blue and white blanket, blinking his eyes and mumbling 'mommy mommy'. I said 'Matthew come in bed here with mommy'. I was tired and confused - I thought it was 6:30 in the morning and when it finally dawned on my brain that it was only 2:20a Matthew was comfortably asleep between us - all FIVE of us AND I was not. I laid awake for what seemed like hours, likely it was more like an hour and a half. Still, I did not go to sleep until 11:00p so needless to say I am tired NOW. I was trying to think of boring things to fall back to sleep to, sort like counting sheep only this was keeping me awake because I was actually uselessly using my brain to remember the names, locations and people I lived with in these locations. I decided to count how many "homes" I have prior to our current abode.

Here is goes, my life story in the form of the places I rested my head and called home whether it was for 10 yrs or 10 minutes OR what I came up with late in the night when all good people should be fast asleep and I was not...

Clifton Park NY: 10 Reed Lane (1973-1979)
San Jose CA (South SJ near Pearl Ave): 5056 Tatra Drive (1979-1987)
San Jose CA (Almaden): 6067 Leatherwood Court (1987-1991)
Hayward CA (Campus of Cal State Hayward): Carlos Bee Hall (1 quarter of hell in 1991)
Hayward CA (apts next to CSUH campus): Tanglewood (the other 2 quarters in 1991)
Marquette MI (Northern Michigan University): 210 Gries Hall (1992-1993 school year)
Marquette MI (NMU): 214 Halverson Hall (1993-1994 school year)
Marquette MI (off campus, NMU): Fitch Avenue house (1994 till graduation 1996)
Marquette MI (off campus, NMU): N. Front Street (Spring/Summer 1996)
Grosse Point MI (icky ex bf's parents house): Summer/Fall 1996
Glendale WI (Milwaukee) Fall 1996 to Fall 1997 with my best friend from college
Marquette MI (Grad school, NMU): Hawley Ct Apts with icky ex bf (1997-1998)
Marquette MI (Grad school): Tourville North (Summer 1998 until I escaped from icky ex bf some time in Jan 1999)
Marquette MI (Grad school): 310 North Arch Street (1999-2000)
St Joseph MI (at my Dad's apt): Cannot remember the name of this place... (Summer 2000)
Indianapolis IN (Kevin played for the Indy Ice): ghetto apt on the north side (2000-2001)
Fort Wayne IN (Kevin played for FW Komets): ghetto apt that I am still trying to forget... (2001-2002)
Fort Wayne IN (Kevin still played for FW Ks): Canterbury Green - less scary ghetto apt (2002-2004)
B-town IN (found a good job!): 1112 P*** M****** Drive (January 2004-March 2007)
B-town IN (bought our current home that I love (April 2007 till current)

Do you think I might be tired of moving? The answer is yes. Also, stop the madness...

An open letter to Matthew: Please stay in your bed so I do not think of random things that I feel I need to blog about the next day. Thank you. Love you, Mommy
P.S.: Please get dressed in the morning before work when mommy and daddy ask you to because our boss is an evil time keeper and if we show up 1 minute past 8 she is a big hater and there is hell to pay for ever and ever... Also, kisses and hugs to you always. Mommy


Tessie said...

Holy crap, that is insane!

Also, HOW did you remember those addresses?

Welcome to our World said...

I am freak when it comes to remembering random esoteric facts and number even though I cannot do simple mathmatics like adding and multiplying without using a calculator...

Also, they have forever been burned into my memory for good or bad!