Monday, October 15, 2007

Keeping It Green

I saw this on Lede on Me's post today and then I received my usual Daily Green in my inbox. I always want to sing the praise of things like the Daily Green and tell people that I learn from things like the Daily Green without actually sounding all hippy dippy green environmental weirdo freakazoid that I can be...

So without further ado - learn more about why you should not nuke your food or the food of those you love in plastic.

OR according the comments section STOP using the microwave - ack yeah nope not going to happen in my world, either! Or reconsider what toys you buy for your wee tots because not only do you have to be careful for lead in their toys, there are these PHttttalates to worry about...

SO on that uplifting not, I wanted to take action along with Lede, try it! You can embrace your inner hippie today by posting something about helping the environment to - read all about it here!

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