Monday, October 15, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: This weekend was really lovely. We did most of what I mentioned we would do over the weekend. With the exception of actually buying the trees, shrubs and bulbs and I never actually motivated myself to go pants shopping. The HORROR... I was glad I did not.

The coffee & muffins were yummy, the drive out to the state park was charming and it was beautiful - cool and crisp - at the local state park. We took a bazillion photos and for once we actually hiked and Matthew walked the entire way DOWN the path. Of course, Daddy held him coming back up... hey it wasn't that I did not offer!

We hit the local Target and pulled together some of the Bob costume. We still need overalls and I think I will try to get those one night this week, we shall see...

We made it to the local apple farm. We bought apples and ate crunchy peanut coated caramel covered apples (made by the large red headed man as Annie's husband described him loosely translated of course...) We had piping hot apple cider and ran through the orchard (and only once did I have run Matthew down screaming at him to NOT jump in the pond... ACK!) The big bike race in the area was going on so we watched the biker's ride by in their quest to complete 100 miles over hill and dale - crazy people... Matthew throughly enjoyed visiting with his friend, Alexandra. They ran around like little monkeys and hugged and smiled at each other - it was VERY cute.

We hit Lowe's TWICE. Matthew's eyes wide as saucers at all of the Christmas decorations (which only fueled my desire for Christmas to come SOON!)

We had a "play date" with Grayson whom Matthew almost completely ignored even though we had several melt downs during the previous week when Grayson could not come over - jeez kids! I think they enjoyed it because even after mostly ignoring Grayson Matthew still asked about Grayson, Nate and Kelly after they left. I've decided my kid is just strange some times!

We took a boat load of photos. I will post some later this week likely. That was all of the good.

The bad: I was trying on pants already in my closet in hopes that I had lost more weight than I actually have... While I have been working out here and there and semi sort of minding what I have been eating, I am still no where near where I would like to be in terms of my overall shape or getting into the size of the pants I already have. I also thought 'hmm, let me try out the self portrait photo device on this camera..." EHH GAWD, no I do not look that way!!! And I was showered, had on some make up and thought I looked decent and do I really head out the door looking that way EVERY DAY, why didn't anyone warn me?!?!? HALP. (I reminded myself only to make myself feel better - I am not the most photogenic person on earth - I think I look very different in reality than most photos show me... can we say 'DENIAL' together!)

The ugly: Matthew has been wetting his pants since his grandparents left last week (or at least that is my take on things...) He just pees but he wants to keep on playing and seems to have lost the ability to tell us he has to pee as he was doing before their visit... I guess we need to go back to offering the potty to him every hour or two because over the weekend I was getting a bit tired of cleaning up wet pants, underwear, shoes and socks and even his blanket on Friday... He did have dry diapers again this morning so that is back to the " norm".

Of course, my good out weighed my bad & ugly so I cannot complain! Hope everyone else had a mostly good weekend with very little bad and/or ugly in their description as well!


Tessie said...

What a great FALL weekend. We will have one soon, I HOPE. Sigh.

That's funny about your self portrait (well, you know). Pictures. I always think I look FINE and even GOOD and then I'll take a picture and be like, huh?

Welcome to our World said...

Yeah. I am sorry to go on and on about my fall weekend when you have TX? Hmm, I am not sure I could live in a desert and enjoy most of the fall/winter holidays even though I did this my entire childhood?!

The self portrait picture thing about killed me. Here I was all proud that I looked good. ON A SATURDAY. WTF?!?!? Eh well you life and learn, right?