Friday, October 12, 2007

Falling leaves, hot cider and some apples

Doesn't that title sound so charmingly Midwestern and fall like, no? Likely it sounds like fall most any place but I live here and it is the Midwest and sort of fall like finally so there.

So my plans for the weekend (AND OMG I AM SO EXCITED I COULD SHRIEK WITH JOY THAT IT IS THE WEEKEND) include stopping for coffee 1st thing in the AM tomorrow, driving out to the local state park with my son and husband, wandering aimlessly in the cool weather amongst HOPEFULLY some falling leaves, taking photos with MY NEW CAMERA THAT I WANT TO CRY OVER BECAUSE IT SO ROCKS MY DANG WORLD and coming home.

We plan to "make" Matthew's costume which consists of stopping at the local children's resale store and Target to get him a Bob the Builder belt and overalls, possibly an orange checkered shirt so Matthew can be Bob for Halloween. Like I would actually MAKE something (can you hear the laughter from here, right?!)

We also have BIG plans to hunt high and low for about 4 more trees to plant around our house plus some more shrubs and bulbs that will hibernate till spring - we like delayed gratification in our house, do you? And I need to finish the final touches of staining the deck... UGH. We may hit the flooring store to see "what is out there" in the way of carpeting and/or hardwood (my vote is for bamboo, you know all earth friendly and shit - Kevin seems unimpressed with this... we'll see...)

What's more I need to go through my closet to find some pants to wear this winter - if there are none, I will be shopping for some if there is time for that... I hate pants shopping so I am hoping at my new lower weight some things will now fit so I do not need to do this dreaded and evil act complete with hellish mirrors and florescent evilness (to go along with the Halloween fall theme, y'all!)

Finally, on Sunday, we are going to hit the local apple farm for some hot cider and you guessed it - apples - so I can fulfill all of my fall dreams which include applesauce, apple crisp and apple pie, oh yum!

Weekend events for you???

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jennifer said...

ahh, the weekend! Tomorrow we plan on going to either the Farmer's Market and stocking up on fruits to freeze over the "winter" OR going to a farm for pumpkins and toddler mayhem. Then there's a World Cup Rugby game to watch & a Daddy Soccer game to attend. Sunday we will go to the farm if we didn't make it the day before & do a little shopping! I have a ton of scrapbooking to catch up on also :)