Friday, October 5, 2007

Building a Dinosaur

I live in a small town that has a small mall. The small mall does not have much but it has what it has so you have to kind of go with it and deal with the fact that it is a small mall without much in it... And with that exciting and very deep thought, onward...

Yesterday, there was the grand opening for Build A Bear at our small mall. Guess who decided it would be a grand idea to take her 2.5 year old child to said Build A Bear for the grand opening (and to use the 20% off coupon Shades of Gray gave us)!? Oh, yeah that would be me.

Around 5:40p we strolled into MASS CHAOS! Children and parents and bears OH MY GAWD!!!!! There was fluff everywhere and small children crying and OH THANK goodness Lilly and her parents were in front of us in line because Matthew so would have melted down. The line took forever and we stood and looked at the wall of animals for what seemed like hours (not really but I was holding Matthew and arm hurts today like I lifted a 35 lb weight for an hour so there.) In all seriousness, I know Lilly was there but I think Matthew would have been good anyway because he was SO excited to make a dinosaur.

He is a bit obsessed with these creatures right now. He likes us to pretend to be dinosaurs and I think mostly for the heart pounding fear factor. He loves when we pretend we do not hear him say "be a dinosaur, mommy" and then I stroll up and ROARRRR at him loudly. He shrieks with delight and then asks for more. It is actually a lot of fun and I would be a dinosaur 24/7 if it kept my boy as happy as that moment when he screams and laughs out loud.

Eh-hmmm, where was I... ah yes so he told us on the drive over that he would be making a dinosaur. We looked at the creatures on the wall and I asked if he wanted to make a monkey or a turtle - NOPE a dinosaur, mommy. So we picked out the un-stuffed triceratops. Matthew was a bit confused by this. We said he is deflated but we will fill him with stuff and love and then he will be squishy. Jeez, the things you come up with as parents... And so we waited and Matthew watched. He liked the voice machine even though we did not get the dinosaur a voice. He liked the roaring noise the best - go figure. We finally made it to the part where you pick the heart and rub it all over and step on the peddle to stuff the bear. I did not bring a camera because let's face it it was chaos already why add to that but the look on his face was priceless. He just stared at the girl making his dinosaur come to life with eyes the size of saucers. Then we washed our dinosaur and picked out some "stuff".

Have you been in one of those Build A Bear stores lately? They have so much SHIT. I mean seriously. You can buy your child's stuffed love of his/her life every imaginable thing out there from boxers to a wardrobe to sleep bags to pretend iPod/iPod carriers to costumes for Halloween! My goodness. Matthew's dinosaur ended up with a Coats fleece jacket (Matthew wanted a football jersey but I opted for the jacket because it was less and he did not know the difference), a football and a baby triceratops. I was amazed the mass amount of items that you could buy for a child's stuffed animal.

Oh and Matthew made his birth certificate for his newly made dinosaur. We kept asking him what he wanted to name it - he rattled off a bunch of odd things here and there. But we finally settled on the thing he kept saying repeatedly between all of the other stuff. Kevin & Matthew did this while I waited in the long line to check out. SO his dinosaur is named 'Con'. As in ex Con. Matthew kept saying this over and over - now if I had sat down to name this stuffed animal I would have spelled it Khan as in Ghengis Khan not Con like well you get the idea. Whatever, he renamed it an hour later - Tong so who cares...So that is how we built a dinosaur.

One may think we are insane for doing this activity with our child and it was mass hysteria in this place but this was actually a pleasurable experience. And I am happy to report that Tong, Khan, and/or Con slept well in his new home with his new friend, Matthew, last night. Tong/Khan/Con additionally went potty and had breakfast with Matthew this morning so we are all set in the dinosaur department... for now!


Melissa said...

Yeah...that place was a little bit of a zoo last night! I, too, am amazed by all of the accessories that can be purchsed for the stuffed animals. L is very much into her new monkey, Blue, today!

Welcome to our World said...

OMG, I was dying in there mostly because Kevin's parents make me feel all out of sorts when they are around. I normally would not bring four people to something like... BUT they wanted to come.

Also, I was starving and made the fatal error of choosing Longhorn to eat. The service was terrible, the food was not that great and it took FOREVER to feed us. Oh well.

Matthew seemed to enjoy it and clearly has fallen in love with his new dino!

Kate's mom said...

LOLOL Your story cracked me up. As I saw our neighbor arrived home tonight while we were eating dinner (she gave us all the coupons for Build a Bear Grand Opening as she is the manager there I think), I remembered that was this week. I said to Dan, "Awww, crap. We missed the Build a Bear opening...." We had planned on taking K, but of course were in the hospital with Jack instead. Nevertheless, your account of what the night was like fit my idea of it perfectly. We will take Kate sometime soon, and thanks for the heads up about all the accessories (I'm sure they cost plenty and it's nice to be prepared!)

jennifer said...

Maybe Con can be his new baby sister!!