Monday, October 8, 2007

So much, so little time

This post: my plan is to randomly write about the weekend. As far as weekends go it was uneventfully packed with adventures. My darling husband turned to me and reminded me at 10p Friday evening that we were planning to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday... I started crying. Okay not really... Our Canadian in-laws are visiting. They are actually doing us a favor so I am keeping my complaints to a minimum. Though I must note they have been in my home for FIVE days and there are still three or four more to go (I have no idea when they go home and I am trying to be VERY ZEN about this :)

We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving every year whether the in laws are in town or not. However, I am just not ready to do THREE of these huge meals in a role. It is the not act of doing these meals that is so bad... if it were spread out over the year and not all in a three month chunk. And even though I bitch I actually really love making the whole meal because most of what we eat I have learned to make from my mom and dad who in turned learned it from my NY Granny. I hope to share how to make these things with my son. It is special to me every year to remember how to do the turkey and stuffing, the sweet potatoes, and all of the work that does into the meal. I love the smells and the memories that those smells bring back to me. I also love to sit down to eat the meal - usually it is good. This year's CT was okay. I was tired and I did not bring the zest I normally do to it. Finally, I was glad for my in laws because my MIL and husband did all of the dishes afterward while I got Matthew ready for bed. I hate post meal dishes so that made my heart warm!

In other news, we furniture shopped. with Matthew. Ah. He wanted to come and so we let him... It actually went well (when I say that I mean he only annoyed every single sales person who tried to pretend it was cute that my 2 yr was dancing on the $3000 couch with his dirty shoes on AND also it tired my 2 yr out enough that he went to bed at a reasonable hour!) Also, it went well for not having a freakin' clue what we want to buy. You see, we have a weird shaped basement room. At the moment, it houses Matthew's "stuff". At 1st, we were going to get all fancy and redo the fire place complete with built ins but we have changed our minds. We realized how important it was for Matthew to have space and Matthew loves it down there so we bought some shelves from Target and we are making it 'officially' the play room. However, we still need some seating for the adults (namely Kevin and I) because the camp chair just ain't cutting it any more. So that is mostly what we are looking for, we think. We cannot decide if we should just move what is upstairs down and buy some new "fancy" stuff for the upstairs. See, so this was mostly a fact finding mission.

We visited the camera store where I found my "dream" camera and am salivating to get. Kevin, not so much. But man this camera rocked - I can continuously take photos to get the right one like a dang photographer, I can do shit with raw images and I can buy some kick ass filters for the camera to make the photos look like the real thing. sigh. We just looked at it and Kevin said it was my choice. I hate that!

Matthew sat through his 1st (sort of) full length feature film. Okay so it was at home without popcorn but he sat through it nonetheless. Cars. I thought it was horrible but I was also in the process of cooking a 12 lb turkey and all of the fixin's so whatever. I am way old school when it comes to those kinds of movies but Matthew seemed enthralled. Until he came to the dinner table and started talking about Peter Pan. That's my boy!

Oh and I discovered Matthew likes eating cranberries - uncooked. Just like a strawberry, only a cranberry. My boy is strange like that (in a good way!) He went to Cracker Barrel over the weekend and it was reported to me that he ate the two oranges that were on the plate first before anything else and wanted more. Warms my veggie/fruit lovin' heart to hear that.

Finally, we went to a 25th anniversary party on Sunday at a co-worker's house. She lives in a lovely wooded home - every time we go there we wish we had a home like that amongst the trees - it is seriously like a little tree house. More importantly it was fun to see co-workers outside of work. It was relaxing and enjoyable (aside from the stupid bees that decided to congregate around my sweet smelling butt...) I am also reminded that 25 yrs is a long time to be married but the results can be oh so wonderful. It made me smile to end my weekend on that note.

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