Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is she named after the great Harper Lee?

Time will only tell (and a few questions about the where the name came from of course!)

Remember back a few weeks ago, I mentioned these boys being born to folks? Well - finally a little girl! My friend, Annie, gave birth this morning - October 18th at 6:42 ish (couldn't understand the message 100% so it's a relative guess!) to a little girl named Harper Kathleen. YEAH for them!!!!! Okay least we not forget that I am border line obsessed with having a girl so I am EXCITED excited for them about this... I can live vicariously!!

Alexandra has a baby sister whom I am sure she will adore and cherish and share all of her worldly possessions with, right. RIGHT?! Two words: BIGGER BATHROOM!

Oh and I was SO not a believer in this rain storm thing but Annie said her water broke at 11p last night which is about the time the rains started here and the storms raged through the night & into the morning!

We are going to see the little one this afternoon which I am very excited about!!!

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Tessie said...

I think Harper is a great name for a boy or a girl. Congrats!