Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweet Baby Jesus!

That is all I could think this morning when we woke up at the late time of 6:44a when we need to be out of the door at 7:29a at the latest. I also thought this later because 'OMG it is FRIDAY.'

It has been a horrible frustrating week for me. I am tired of dealing with good Matthew/evil Matthew at the turn of dime. I have almost cried several times because of Matthew's on again, off again behavior. All shiny happy 'hi mommy' giving me a hug AND flip switch screaming sobbing Matthew "noooooo I do not want oatmeal... NOOOOO" AND flip switch again he has started eating the bowl of Oatmeal happily after downing two bowls of cantaloupe which he also screamed at me about and we had to talk him down from throwing it in the trash because "it's dirty, mommy" in that screamy whiny loud toddler voice. It's dirty? Everything is dirty these days in Matthew's world - from the cantaloupe (well hell ya it is dirty, it came from the DIRT & the ground) to the homemade Mac & Cheese that I lovingly made because he asked for it TWICE...

Oh Calgon take me away... I so get that stupid 80s commercial now! Which just so you know because I now know - it is still out there (who knew? not me obviously...) and with the same dang slogan - see the name of the http!

I am not dealing well with anything this week. It is like the universe is out of whack. It is NOT the rain because that made me happy. Perhaps the overwhelming heat in the middle of October? The freaky toddler behavior? The painful stiff neck and accompanying migraine that feels so bad my teeth ache today? The freaky rabid e-mails I keep receiving at work from clients? The 'omg' I am having a bad week and I cannot sleep at night thing so the only thing that is keeping me going is sugar and coffee thing? Okay that last one would put anyone on edge, no?

Oh well, it is Friday at long last and that I am glad for. Pumpkin patches and hayrides and walking in the fall leaves are yet to come! Matthew is excited by these prospects so let's see if we can all hold it together long enough for Saturday morning (oh please oh please baby boy sleep till 7:30a tomorrow! sweet baby jesus...)

As an aside, can I just bitch that I made dinner last night - the above mentioned Mac and Cheese from scratch. The thing that bothers me the most of about my husband is that he feels the need to ask me pesky questions about how the food was made because it was OH SO clear he did not like it. Like "have you ever thought to use the onion in that recipe?" and "what kind of cheese do you use?" Yeah I am so over that. Just fucking say 'this mac and cheese sucks' - it makes me feel about 100,000,000 times worse when he asks these pretend innocent questions. And on that note I decided that I am boycotting making dinner for a while. Between, Kevin's snarky questions and Matthew's "dirty" food - I GIVE UP... Love, me.


Tessie said...

The weather is definitely a factor for me. I am starting to be not only sad, but BITTER and ANGRY about it. I haven't put any of my decorations out or anything and I feel like I am being cheated out of fall. It is going to be WINTER soon and I will have MISSED it.

Also, I was out yesterday and read comments when I got in today and I wanted to make sure that you knew that I definitely WANTED you to send me the chowdah links! I was saying that I am too lazy to do it myself and maybe one of you awesome people would help me out! And also, that is was weird/lazy that I didn't do it myself. Okay, this is rambly, but I read back my comment and it sounded bitchy so thought since we are both on the edge of disaster with the weather and kids and all I would just send out the "I suck" bat sign.


Melissa said...

Lily has the Jeckel and Hyde thing going on too. I just try to remember that it's a phase and will pass like all of the others...quickly, I hope!

Sorry about the mac 'n cheese. I'm sure it was lovely! HOpefully we'll see you guys at the pumpkin patch tomorrow. We're going to try to make it out there!

Welcome to our World said...

Thanks Tessie! I was worried that you thought I was lazy and/or bitchy for sending you links of chowdah I had not tried and no one else was giving you anything... see it is this freaky weather, I tell ya?! The world is off kilter 'n shit! No worries since we were both worried!!!

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa - thanks for the reminder! It is a stage - I just feel on the brink of disaster this week, may be PMS too. WHO KNOWS!

I hope we do see you tomorrow! It always feels rushed when we do see you at DC. We are hoping to have everyone over soon since you all hosted it last and Kelly's doing it next plus holy shit we have a new bigger house and we never invite anyone over. We suck.

I will keep my fingers crossed that you all can make it!

Kate's mom said...

Yes, yes this MUST be a stage or something "catching" among the two year olds. K has had very quick breakdowns lately over NOTHING. (Like, mommy putting the lid on the marker or mommy actually touching the play doh when she asked me to play play doh with her) "This too shall pass...." (And if it doesn't, well, at least misery loves company!) See ya at the pumpkin patch!!!