Monday, October 22, 2007

More Fall Photo Fun

A day at the Patch... seriously there were about 150 photos to choose from so I just randomly grabbed some.

Matthew and I in the barn saying hi to the baby goats and chickens

SOOOOO... my husband likes to take THESE kinds of photos - that's hot

The pretty stream we drove through to get to the patch... Kevin snapped this shot of the stream and it turned out the best of them all.

This is the 1st wipe out Matthew had at the patch - see, there I am diligently wiping his hands. I should have waited until the 4-5th time as it turns out. I like this shot because it shows the patch and the length of the field that I sent him running down (hence the 4-5, or was it 6 times he fell... BTW I mention this like I do not care but really he did not care. He just got up and kept going so I guess I was less worried about these tumbles than I normally would be had he fallen and stay got up bloody and crying every time.)

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders

The Schmidt Family Robinson

On the hay ride hope (our pumpkins are hiding behind Kevin...)

This is just a silly photo of Matthew in the play room - I had him all dressed up - more evidence I would like to turn my son into a nerd or Harry Potter...


jennifer said...

Liam has that same shirt ;)

Welcome to our World said...

That was a b-day gift! We love that shirt! I am hoping it is big enough that he will get two years out of it but at the rate this kiddo is growing, it's not going to happen!

Jen said...

Great pictures! When will he be carving his pumpkin?!

Welcome to our World said...

Hmm, if it is anything like last year Kevin and I will up carving them late at night right before Halloween! Ha, no hopefully this weekend or maybe Monday night. We will see... photos to follow?