Monday, October 22, 2007

A Fall Station Idenfication

Saturday: Beautiful Brown County October 2007 ~ Our favorite overlook

Matthew and I hiking down the path (not shown: a LARGE coffee in hand OF COURSE...)
Pooped Matthew after the exhilirating morning hike (hey thank goodness it wasn't be hauling the 35+ lb kid UP the trail ;)

That was SOME serious PB&J

And now for a milk mustache... or the tired Got Milk? thing

I love this photo - I just like the action and his little face underneath...

Sunday: At the Apple Orchard

A boy and his 40 cent a pound pumpkins!

I've got a secret to tell you little girl!

Sheer pleasure with Scoop along for the adventure...


Tessie said...

I love those one of you on the trail. And his hair is the most gorgeous color!

Welcome to our World said...

Lucky little dude did get the best hair color out there - as some random woman once said to us - 'you know little guy women around the world pay lots of money for hair that color!' That is always what I think... here's hoping it never changes!

Also, there are about 20 of those path ones - that one my ass looks the least large ;) Gotta love that my husband loves me...