Monday, October 22, 2007

Upgraded to 2.5 Matthew

You might think I am talking about some new version of Windows or Adobe but I am just talking about my son who on Friday turned 2 and a half. However, I have to admit that (1) we have been telling people Matthew was 2-1/2 for about three months now (look I told you I am terrible at math... AND OMG I AM TURNING INTO MY MOTHER - HALP HALP, get these gene thing outta me NOW!!!) and (2) I cannot help but think of him as 2.5 like a computer version. Soon he will be the 3.0 version, etc... And I am already envisioning Matthew blushing in embarrassment over what a dork his mother is when he is version 13.0.

Ah, well, I am not feeling the blogosphere today so I apologize in advance. I tried this once already today but I am at a loss... If I do not sound excited or thrilled about the stuff I am writing about, it is NOT because I am not excited - I am just blahhhhhh today (AGAIN, dammit.)

What a weekend 2.5 Matthew had. We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. I have a ton 'o photos that I keep promising to offer up to you all (or as one kind person suggested perhaps I should try Flikr...) but I am really just to lazy to do it. Sorry y'all...)

Matthew was so flipping excited for this event. During the week prior to Saturday, every day he would wake up and say 'Momma, we going to the Pumpkin patch today?" The day of the patch he insisted on wearing his $1 Target Pumpkin socks and he would not go to sleep the night before until I reassured him that his new Vancouver hockey jersey was in the dryer so he could wear it the next day... I did say he was 2-1/2, not 12, right?

We visited the little farm animal zoo at the patch. Then off we went for a rousing hayride out to the patch. Matthew's eyes were as wide as saucers - he looked from the John Deere tractor, to "farmer man" to the ground passing before his eyes - I just love enjoying the world through a 2 year old's eyes - it makes the whole world seem so much more exciting! When we arrived at the patch & corn maze, Matthew took off running... All I thought as I trudged along was 'hey run little man, run' because holy crap that field is long and his legs are short, right?! No, no I did not lose my child out there in Indiana farm land (though some times that thought might be slightly tempting...) There were the six unfortunate falls mostly in the few muddy spots available 'cause he did his best to find them all... Sigh, I went through a lot of wipes needless to say...

And holy cow, we took him to get his haircut after his nap on Saturday and he was AMAZING. He sat perfectly still - he smiled coyly at the nice girl, Angela, from Great Clips - little flirty stinker that he is! He was interested in the squirt bottle and his cape. And then he sat so quietly watching Daddy getting his hair cut - Kevin and I were seriously in awe of our child. It was like good Matthew was in EFFECT (oh please the kids still say that, don't they?) To top all of that off (get it top it off - hair cut... screechhhhhhhhhh and silence follows), I went for it and had Angela cut his hair shorter than I normally would so he looks like such a grown up boy, it is amazing (sniffle sniffle puffing out chest proudly like a momma bird.)

I will try my hardest to get some photos on here this evening so you can see what I am half heartedly explaining in this e-mail. In the mean time, I will be enjoying Matthew 2.5 as I am SO over being at work today (and this started hmm around 8:01 am today so really I have been about as productive as a slug with salt on its back which is to say... well you go put some salt on a slug and see what happens and you will get a lovely if not disgusting pictures...)

Ah, so I am going to cut my losses and go now. Backing out of the room, keys jangling, car engine gunning....


Tessie said...

I did not know that about salt and slugs. I shall file that one away.

I dread the first haircut. It will not go well.

Kelly said...

I just have to tell you that I LOVE Matthew's new haircut!! I kept looking at him today and thinking how different and grown-up he looks, but at the same time thinking that it just really suits him. Love it! ;)

Welcome to our World said...

Tessie - yeah salt and slugs... makes up shrivel up and melt away. Also, I kissed a banana slug once when I was at YMCA camp in Big Sur... my 1st kiss ;)

Kelly - I also love his haircut. I was a little nervous about going so short because I was sad to lose the little boy effect but the big boy thing suits him so well that I think we will stick with it!!! Amazing what a hair cut will do, huh?!