Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks.

Well, it is over. Holiday #2 of the big THREE. Also, I successfully completed the 2nd large turkey meal of the season, one more BIG meal to make and than no more until we do it all again starting with Canadian Thanksgiving next year.

I love Thanksgiving. There are not strings attached. No presents to buy, no guilt to be had - there really is nothing I can say bad about this holiday. I create and cook a meal that we love and we enjoy the company of one another. We eat like hogs - I looked over at Kevin at one point when there was no noise coming from our table other than the chewing of food - NOT even the two year old and ruminated on the fact that I would like to unhinge my jaw so I could somehow pass even more food through my mouth at a fast rate because it was so good and we were all so hungry!

My favorite moment of the day came when Matthew was chatting with his grandpa F by phone and he said 'I had maaaaaaaaaaashed potatoes, sweet pototoes and cranberry sauce. I have to toot (followed by several loud long farts), I tooted. Good-bye.'

Today we talked a lot about being thankful. Kevin said he was thankful for his family, I said I was thankful for the happiness we have today and the pleasure it was to make a nice meal for my family to enjoy. Matthew said he was thankful for mashed potatoes... and cranberry sauce!

Happy Turkey Day ~ Gobble Gobble!

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