Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I love that wild and crazy Homer Simpson. I cannot think of a doughnut without thinking of Homer and his rotund belly which makes me glance down at my protrusion of tummy chub and think 'How come the very week that I decided to get healthy for the 53,280 time, someone in my office brought in doughnuts???' Why is the world such a cruel, dark place?

But mmmmm, coffee and glazed chocolate doughnuts - delectable! Also, doughnuts was showing up as spelled incorrectly so I checked the dictionary online and this is the lovely definition for doughnuts which just makes me want to run, not walk, back into the kitchen for another, no?

Doughnut: a small usually ring-shaped cake fried in fat (PS: I spelled it right the first time... stupid Blogger spell check!)

Ah, so the holidays are upon us. We are prepared for our Thanksgiving feast... well minus the bird. We still need to go pick that up from the butcher shop this evening. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh?! I finished the grocery shopping late last evening - we did Kroger Monday evening with Matthew and Bloomingfoods last evening without. Matthew melted down at Kroger for 30 minutes on Monday so I went solo to the other store to avoid this newest of activities that Matthew seems to enjoy. Apparently, Matthew learned the value of screaming bloody murder to get what he wants from us while I was away. Yeah us...

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving - Wearing our Pj's all day, watching the Macy's Parade on TV, cooking up a storm, and
stuffing myself silly (speaking of eating!) WEEEEE... Also, I do not have to bake this year. Our boss took my husband out for lunch with another co-worker (it is this thing they have going on - sort of a bet... it's a long story) to this place.

I told her about Kevin's mom because I wanted her to understand if Kevin was not his usual jovial self for you see they have a "special" beat the crap out of one another verbally kind of relationship (all in fun of course... And also it takes the pressure off the rest of us so I am TOTALLY not complaining!) At any rate, she bought him an apple and pumpkin pie (they are huge... we may still be eating them for Christmas.) Feel free to come by unannounced for dessert. We'll be there! Also, I may even throw in a turkey leg and some gravy if you are really hungry!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Tessie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa said...'re the second person to taunt me about doughnuts today! The worst thing about doughnuts is that you have to go out in the morning to get least fresh yummy doughnuts. Kind of spoils the mood to have to drive to the doughnut place to get the good stuff! At least it's acceptable to go there in your jammies!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Welcome to our World said...

Oh you can SO go to a doughnut shop in your jammies and I agree those little orbs of goodness must be fresh! Love those square ones the best but really fried fat first thing in the morning will suffice!