Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yes, yes I did survive. Though I do have to admit I did shed some tears over Northern Indiana (around Fort Wayne which may not shock some of you as you may know the loathing I feel toward that city...) I am still not sure I shed those tears due to the horrible turbanlance or the fact that I stopped reading Wondertime to grip the seat in panic & fear of the turbanlance thus giving my brain time to think about the fact that my boy was miles and miles away likely warm and snuggly in his bed... Though it was reported to me that Kevin had to live with a 4o minute epic meltdown when Matthew finally realized Mommy was not really hiding in the basement. Kevin resorted to getting out photo albums and they kept a bunch of photos of me out which Matthew picked and apparently slept with. Also there were several other melt down moments regarding Mommy but none like the EPIC one on Saturday morning.

All in all everyone survived the weekend without incident. Well, other the incident where apparently Matthew tried to pull the bottom box filled with a beloved exavator in the toy section at Wally World thus toppling the OTHER boxes onto his nose (not his face because I made the fatal error of saying his face and was corrected immediately by the little tyke...) and leaving a lovely NEW scratch to add to the others! It was a lovely weekend of chatting, eating and shopping - oh and we went to the shower too ;) I am VERY glad I had the chance to see Jen in all of her pregnant glory and spend some girl time with her before the little guy makes his apparence in Febraury!

However, I was still very glad to have kisses and hugs from this little face when I FINALLY arrived back (after a TWO hour delay in Detroit... Good news is I almost finished a book while we waited for the wing to be repaired... Never a dull moment in a two day trip to Detroit :)

Also, here finally are some Halloween photos - never too late for those right? I mean they have pumpkins in them which is sort of Thanksgiving themed, right? Never mind - just enjoy!


Jen said...

A 2 hour delay?!?! Ohh noo! That sucks, sorry you had to hang there! I'm glad that you made it home safely.

Thanks so much for visiting- it was so nice to see you! Tell Kevin and Matthew thank you for letting me steal you for a weekend. ;) I'm sure they were happy to have you home!

Have a great Thanksgiving!! Gobble, gobble!

Melissa said...

Glad you all survived the weekend and it sounds like you had some good 'grown-up' time to yourself! That's sweet about Matthew sleeping with your pictures.

Welcome to our World said...

Jen: Tee gobble gobble right back at ya!

Melissa: It was sweet :) Then again I do not know about L but lately Matthew has taken to bringing everything to bed with him. Some times it is the toy he is love with that day (a little airplane or Scoop and last night it was the Richard Scary book we read...)