Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just another Starbuck's Sunday

I love SUNDAY. I love Saturday too but Sunday is the best. You see we have two traditions in our house on the weekends. Saturday morning, Kevin get's up with Matthew and makes pancakes while I roll out of bed right around the time the coffee is ready for my cup and a plate full of warm pancakes and maple syrup are being served. Matthew knows that Saturday is pancake day because all week long he asks for pancakes and we have to repeatedly tell him that is not until Saturday. Matthew also helps to make the pancakes which is another story for another time.

What in the world could be better than that, you are likely asking yourself, scratching your chin, scowling at me? Well, it is Starbucks Sunday.

I do not even know when this became a tradition but it has. Most Sundays my dear sweet husband goes to get me coffee at Starbucks (some times in the winter it is the biggest hot chocolate with peppermint shots one can order but I digress...) It has turned into rather an event filled with Starbucks coffee, pastries and the hot egg and ham sandwich for Kevin (they are really good - I have had a bit of the non ham part...) Sometimes we all go in our pjs, other times just Kevin and Matthew or just Kevin depending on where things are in the morning.

Today, I went by myself as the boys we enjoying Bob the Builder ON DEMAND (you know when I say 'on demand' of I think of that echo-y SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY announcer's voice... no idea what I am talking about, huh?) Yeah so anyway - where was I?

Before I went and really the point of this lame post (which I am posting at 10:08p because I realized as I got ready for bed that I did not post... Ack, I am falling off the wagon on the first weekend of nablopomoboggers thing...) I got dressed and ready to face the day. I kissed the boys good-bye and said "oh Kev what do you want - a grande or a venti?" Kevin's reply was whatever the biggest bucket of coffee you can haul home from that place (I embellished. just a little bit there mostly for the story's sake 'cause as noted it is pretty lame...)

Matthew was intently watching the Bob show during this exchange which for the record has to be at LEAST the fifth, possibly the sixth time we have watched that particular episode. And in all honesty, I was glad to be hauling my rear end to Starbucks... I was starting to walk toward the door when Matthew turned to me and said "Mommy blueberry muffin for me, please!" with that little elfin grin he gets. Kevin and I just looked at each like 'OH shit what kind of Starbuck lovin' creature are we creating here?!?!' See, Matthew already calls chocolate milk - his coffee and tells us that when he grows up up up into a big boy he will drink coffee too (and you should see the narration of this growing up thing - he usually is sitting down and will stand up with his arms going high into the air to tell us how big he will be when he is a grown up...)


The end.

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