Friday, November 30, 2007

Long & (sort of) Short Friday

I write long posts. I try not to. I really do. I have sort of been frustrated with my inability to write a short post. I want to include every last long thoughtful detail. I have always written this way and, unfortunately, I even talk this way. I used to drive people crazy before some "nice" person told me this and made me painfully aware of my ability to bore the chipped three month old nail polish off of people...

So for this apologize. It is not like I set out to write some long ass post EVERY SINGLE DAY, it just happens. Then I go back to edit and I understand why there are editors for writers because it is seriously hard for me to edit my own work. I think 'OMG but that is such a good line' even though it is buried deep amongst a lot of not so good lines. Also, the good line could not stand on its own which likely makes it not a very good line. Whatever... I will try to be more thoughtful and edit my work with a more discerning eye. I will try, but I cannot promise anything!

The last Friday of every month, we have a work breakfast at a place called the Uptown. This morning I ordered huevos rancheros. If you have never had this and have a chance, oh my goodness, it is SO yummy - I wanted a second order of it!

The reason for the breakfast is three fold. I work for a small family own company. The company began out of corporate ineptitude. My boss and her husband worked for another company where they felt miserable & constrained. They thought 'we can do this better and these are the things we would do'. They quit one day after dealing with an overload of ineptitude and a few months later they started our company - 16 years ago.

They have made this into a smaller company with plenty of perks. The breakfasts, a pretty comfortable vacation schedule including the week off between Christmas & New Years that is not included in our regular vacation schedule, a very special Christmas party, lots of generosity in various ways through out the year and I am sure numerous other things I have not mentioned. In short, this is a family of sorts for all of us. I cannot recall how breakfasts came about - something about a way to celebrate successes big & small vs. the old way the OTHER company did it which was to punish people for failures.

Each breakfast, there are three questions of sorts that are asked. I used to find this process a little banal. I hated it in fact. I would get all nervous and sick feeling. The food would sit in my stomach like a rock but I have grown to enjoy breakfasts over the years.

The 1st question is 'what happened this past month usually at work?' - such as events or changes to the office but some times personal.

The 2nd question is 'what did you learn this past month?' Learnings can also vary. It can be work related or not but things that we want to share that we think others might be interested in or helpful. You are not required to share on this subject.

The final question is 'what are we looking forward to and/or what are you grateful for?' This part if fun because it is generally holidays or birthdays and some times work related. Also, it is sometimes serious.

I have come to love this process because it has taught me to appreciate my life and all that happens both in my life and the ripples I might cause in others lives. It is amazing to me that those three little questions can really open you up to gratitude and understanding.

Trust me there are months where I am bitter or angry about something or tired & wishing I could just go home and be with my son - I have little to say out loud those months.

On the other hand, there is always a learning in there or something to look forward to that will take me out of those feelings just a little bit.

Try it ~ it is pretty cool!

OH BTW, I failed on short AGAIN...


Tessie said...

That is a neat tradition but I think it might give me the nervous tummy because I hate getting all buddy-buddy with my coworkers. ACK. I love Huevos Rancheros. One thing TX does right.

Welcome to our World said...

Yeah, I think that is mostly what made me nervous... I did not want my coworkers to know TOO about me but after four years of it I am getting used to it. No one ever leaves our company so I have no choice but to know them!

Mmm, huevos rancheros=YUMMY in my tummy ;)