Friday, December 7, 2007


Can I get a hell ya on that title!? Do you just love the red and green changes? Hey, I am "getting" into the spirit, right?! I could be all 'baaa humbug' like I was the other day when I had the nasty headache and was bitching about which you will be happy to know FINALLY worked for me though I have to admit it worked moments before I threatened to pitch the computer out into the rainy sleet.

SO rather than bitching I am going to tell you that I am glad it is Christmas. The "specials" on TV, the garish decorations (who wants something tasteful anyway!?), and basically just how much Matthew is LOVING the holidays this year. He is SO into it. He already knows by heart the words to Jingle Bells and jams out to the various versions that play on our stereo.

He has a discerning eye for the largest light displays around town. He can identify everything Christmas related but by far his favorite things include Santa, Reindeer but more specifically Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by far his favorite, and candy canes though to my knowledge he has never had a candy cane to eat... Okay Frosty is right up there as well!

He shrieks with excitement & delight at the prospect of turning on the tree and do not get him started on the presents already under the tree. He knows what he wants to get from Santa (a train - check) and seems to be looking forward to meeting the big guy in red!

His complete and udder thrill over the rainy icy snowy sleet we finally received that I think is supposed to signify that winter is upon us here in Southern Indiana. He ran out the door screaming and yelling and stomped and made icy muddy little mini snow balls like we had four feet of snow rather than just what I described up there.

Reliving the wonder of Christmas through a two year old's eyes is positively got to be the best thing EVA! So at Grinchy as I may sound, I stand like a total mom and a complete dork grinning along with my son during all of these moments and it DOES make my heart grow ten times what it was! I want to hold on to this age forever (minus the tantrums of course!)


Tessie said...

Man, we are really going to have to step it up once AD starts to know what is up with Christmas. I am usually so grinchy because of work. BAH.

Welcome to our World said...

Ha, yeah that is probably something I have been "building up" the past two years... I was never a big Christmas person but seriously Matthew gets so excited I just get caught up and want to make it magical for him! I am a CHEESEBALL like that!

LoriD said...

My two-year-old loves the lights and the tree. She'll just stand in front of the tree and tenderly look at each ornament and gaze at the lights. It's seriously one of the cutest things I've seen.

Be Inspired Always said...

Children really do make Christmas magical. I remember when my kids were little, they always had to make Santa cookies.