Monday, January 7, 2008

Bitch Fest 2008 #1

Huh, that title implies that there will be more. Maybe. Maybe not. I am sure there will be more because there is nothing I like to do more than bitch about stuff that is bothering me and today I have a lot on my mind.

Seriously (and definitely NUMBER 1), my son, the darling apple of my eye, has been up any time between 5:00am and 5:30am the past four (five?) days... OMG, stab me in the eye now with a million little needles because WHY?! WHY. I wish I knew why but I do not. Maybe he is struggling non verbally with the whole going back to work/day care thing after being home with us over the holidays but if you tell me that your little darlings have been sleeping till 8 or 9 or later every day, DON'T! I do not want to hear about it. I mean I am glad for you but for me, I am pregnant and tired and I want to sleep in on the weekends and at last as late as I can on the weekdays because well that is all I want at the moment, seriously.

Rant #2: Sleep. Ohhh, do you see a theme?! Yeahhhhhhhhh. SO I go to bed way to late. Like coffee, it is a hard habit to break. The flip side to Matthew getting up SO early is that he has been going to sleep earlier each night which is GREAT, right!? Nope. See even if he goes to bed early I suddenly find the energy to do 50 things like read a book in less than two days - Water for Elephants - SO good & an easy read. If you have not read it, read it now. I thought it was fabulous though I like a good novel/history combo think Devil in the White City! Or clean the grout in the shower or watch horrible TV. When I finally fall into bed between 11p-12a and I am not tired but I know I should sleep so I do for an hour or two. Than I am up... to pee. Or ponder the deep thoughts one can have at 2:00a. UGH. This likely should be the first rant because going to bed late makes me a crab in the morning when Matthew enters our room at 5:00a... poor me, I know.

Rant #3: Holy shit I'm pregnant. It is not like I am surprised by this or anything because it was planned and all. AND I know the deal - you get bigger and your old clothes stops fitting. But also I did not start to show until like month 5/6 - not month 3. I am not huge - do not get me wrong but I know I need to buy some clothes. I NEED to buy some clothes so you do not need to listen to me bitching about getting bigger faster this time around, right? All whiny like, I just don't want to buy anything - WHY can't it all magically appear in my closet?! I want to be dressed cute this pregnancy because last time I looked like shit 9 times out of 10 clothing wise. I know I need to just suck it up and buy what I need but I just have no desire to.

First, it is a little harder here in small town America when they got rid of the only commercial place to buy maternity clothes. My choices at the moment are tiny sections at Target & Kohl's. This is not a bad thing... I mean other than looking like every other pregnant woman in town. BUT I am short so I cannot buy most any pants from either of these locations because apparently short people do not need to buy discount maternity clothes. At least crappy Motherhood Maternity had short people sizes... I have ZERO desire to drive up to "the big city" to buy clothes so I will likely just buy online and hope that the stuff I choose does not look totally lame and fits... POOR ME. WAIL. Also, I will have to buy for three different seasons. I am BRILLIANT.

Did I mention I left work on Friday afternoon NOT really all that pregnant and today I am??? Ouch. Maybe it was all of the cookies and chips I ate this weekend and also the lack of exercise which I promised myself I would actually do this weekend. Oops.

Rant #4: Not really a personal rant but WTF is up with Britney Spears? And why am I even commenting on this? Because it bugs me. It bugs me how much coverage she gets. It bugs me that her kids are being dragged through this and setting them up (hopefully not) for a life of issues and troubles. It bugs me that the paparazzi follow stars around like this (yet I still watch like some obsessed voyeur...) and finally it bugs me that this girl who clearly has issues whether they are mental or not is being hounded by people who do not really care for her and jeepers where in the world is her family, her bloody mother?! Yikes, I think I am hormonal.

Rant #5: Why do people look sideways at my kid in restaurants? I mean seriously. He is so well behaved - for real. He sits quietly and colors and chats with us and yeah some times he stares or turns around to see the people behind or next to him and okay he did lick the maple syrup off his plate a couple of times (and we told him not too) but still. He is not even 3 and man he acts better in public than some adults I have seen. AND really it is was Cracker Barrel first thing in the morning on Saturday. I can see if it was some fancy dining establishment but whatever... I was annoyed deep inside about the looks some of the people gave us. Like 'oh boy do we HAVE to sit next to THEM?' Dammit yes and do not look at him if you do not like it (of course she looked over the times he was licking the plate...) Grrrrr...

I feel better. You may not but I feel better. I know these rants are minor issues in the big scheme of things but some times you just need to let it rip. Bitch away today - I declare it official bitch about what is bothering you day. And darn it, it feels good!


Tessie said...

Well, you certainly won't hear ME chiming in about my late sleeper. Instead, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

Welcome to our World said...

I know... poor me, right? It might be made worse in that we finally had him going to sleep at a reasonable hour and getting up a reasonable hour. To go back is hell... sob sob sob ;)

Melissa said...

I also get the burst of energy after Lily is in bed thing. Weird. I can be falling asleep on the couch but as soon as she's in bed I'm ready to go.

Yep, you show earlier with the second baby! I have the opposite problem with maternity pants in that they are all too short. Luckily I was able to get away with wearing either dresses or gauchos for much of this last pregnancy.

I read a trick once about getting your kid to stay in bed. We haven't tried it with Lily yet but might when she's a little older. You buy a big digital clock for their room and tape an index card over the minutes so all they see is the hour. Then, if you want your kid to stay in bed until 7-ish you write a big 7 on the index card. Tell the kid they have to stay in their bed/room until the numbers match. Not sure if I've described it well... I'm kind of conflicted about the idea in that if she really needed me I wouldn't want her to think she couldn't come get me until 7:00. Although, if she was just getting up early becaue she felt like being up I would definitely give this a try!

Hope you can get some sleep soon. You should go to the big city to shop for maternity clothes and just spend the night and leave the boys at home. You'd be sure to get some sleep then!

Welcome to our World said...

Hey Melissa: I have heard about that method as well but I feel the same way. The reason (I guess I should have noted this) that he gets up (or so he says) is that he has to go to the bathroom. He says (and this is a direct quote) "Mommy I have to pee AND I AM UP!" all happy like. Just like that... sigh. I do not want him to feel he cannot get up to pee thus prolonging the learning to pee in the potty thing but still 5am?!?!

Also, I have been trying to figure out a way to tell him he can get out of bed to pee without asking but he should not get out just because... Slippery slope, no?

Hmm, I kind of like the shopping in the big city over night without anyone around and getting some sleep!!! OHHH, AHHH... I will have to sleep on that one (get it... I AM tired!)

I not a fan of dresses and the other limiting issue that I am sure NONE of you want to know about but I have acne during pregnancy so I am limited to certain types of dresses, shirts, etc... but I may have to try out the dress/skirt thing this summer (mu mu??) I actually have a pair of gaucho pants that I might be able to convert from regular to pregnancy wear - ohhh thanks for reminding me!!!

Welcome to our World said...

Oh and I am glad to hear I am not the only one like this around bed time - so tired I want to cry and than bang I am ready to run a marathon after the kiddo is in bed!

LoriD said...

My kid WAS sleeping until 9:00 over the holidays, but then I couldn't get her to sleep until 11-ish at night if she had even a one-hour nap. Sleep issues suck!

Welcome to our World said...

lori d: they do suck. I feel your pain. I feel like I need to install a track in the yard and get Matthew out there running daily so he will be pooped out enough to sleep through the night esp. when he at home with us!

Jen said...

Did you hear that Ann Taylor Loft now has maternity?!