Monday, January 7, 2008

Love Fest 2008 (edition #1)

Not to sound all negative nelly like from the previous post, life is good. I am just tired and mostly when I am tired, I like to complain. Life is good, I swear to you all!

Matthew is sweet as a button. He loves books and we spent the better part of an hour or more at the library - we came away with 15 books. All he wants to do is read those books morning, noon, and night and I love that.

Hey, he sleeps through the night. I mean 5:00a is not that bad... and it could be worse and I will be infinitely more tired come August 2008 so I will just shut up on this topic at least for the moment ;) Knocking on wood as always!

I actually powered through 2 books AND 2 movies this weekend. That is more than I can say I have done in the past three months SO not bad! I am in love with Walk the Line. I know we are day late and dollar short but whatever it was good movie! Also, we watch Ocean 13+. What? I forgot the title - it is the newest one of that series of movies. It was okay and I mean really can I complain - George, Brad AND Matt!!!

Holy shit, I am pregnant! Yeah, like for real! I mean seriously. I think it is too cool and I am really loving every moment of it. I know there are moments when I just want to lay down and bemoan the fact that I have heart burn, I am tired and Matthew some how manages to kick, punch, or ram himself into my sore chest but I know this all only temporary and that it both a good thing and I am enjoying it while it lasts. I cannot wait to find out if it is an XX or XY, I cannot wait to get kicked in ribs, lungs, pancreas, and I definitely cannot wait to look into the eyes of our newest little creation! Oh and by the by, I am also pretty much done with morning sickness, bring on the exhaustion - I can do anything after that!!

People regularly comment on how well behaved my son is and he can truly be charming so bah to those sideways looks! HA.

Okay and really how can I be grouchy when it is like 64.4 degrees outside. It is January 7th and I live in Indiana. This rocks and while I know this won't last I am grateful for that today.

I get to workout every day. I have a place to do this both at home and work and that makes infinitely happy. I am finding a way to do it and that is good for me and my family and my big ole rump.

On a related, yet entirely unrelated note, I am noshing on honey wheat pretzel twists and good lord there is nothing better than those - salt and sweet - there is nothing better to this pregnant gal!

SO see life is good. I swear!


Jen said...

So when will you be posting pictures of you and your growing tum-tum! I want to see!! :)

Welcome to our World said...

I will post, I will post. I promise. I have been ultra lazy with the uploading of photos and I think there are currently 300+ photos sitting on that dang camera... I was waiting for batteries to recharge but they are charged now so I have no excuse, eh?!

I still want to post Christmas photos! Ekkk, I am woefully behind.