Thursday, January 3, 2008


It is a balmy SIX degrees out, people. The high is supposed to be 25. The good news: tomorrow it is SUPPOSED to warm up to 41 and even in the 10-day forecast, it says a hopeful 60 degrees next Tuesday. How wimpy have I become? In Marquette MI where I spent eight long cold years, the temperature is currently -1 and the highs for the 10-day include nothing over 38 with rain/snow mix for like 6 of the 10 days. UGH. Yo, I am glad I live here and not there!

The reason I mention the lengthily weather forecast is that last night I had my first "hot flash" of this pregnancy. I am really basically over morning sickness which was minimal this time. Kevin commented that I was much more 'sensitive' last time - see also the posts from the previous two days. I was sick this time as well, do not get me wrong. Many a meal went in the trash and I ate my fair share of cheese and crackers for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I also did not attempt what I did last time which was to give up actual coffee and I gave up right away on the prenatal vitamin opting for the regular multivitamin. I might test the waters on the prenatal vitamin this weekend to see how it goes.

It seems I have moved on to what I have begun to think of as phase II of my development. I hate trimesters. They drive me batty - I am bad at math and they confuse me and grrr, trimester is an annoying word to me. SO I am in phase II of baby development. Last night I finished reading an actual book - a roar from the crowd - and dragged myself off to bed to watch the end of Project Runway. Suddenly a flush appeared. I was HOT. My face felt like I made an inappropriate comment in mixed company or like someone had slapped me silly. I drank some cold water, NOTHING. HOT. And than one of those throbbing ear pulse (ANNOYING) beating headaches rapidly ensured. And I was HOT. I got ready for bed and laid down. OMG, it was probably minus something last night outside and I laid there in my short sleeved shirt and pajama pants without any covers with the pulsing brain throbbing beat in my ears SWEATING. GAH.

Hot turned into I cannot sleep. I was up at 1:11a and basically tossed and turned for the rest of the night. I contemplated getting up and starting the new book I just bought. I thought about going down to Google stupid topics on the computer. I peed, A LOT. I slept a little. I also decided but did not take action that I needed to get my Snoogle out of storage to sleep with. I could not get comfortable. I do not look "pregnant" yet but I can tell I am getting thicker in the middle and there is some discomfort in my back just like the first time. I woke up unrested but surprising in a good mood so that's a good thing. I just forgot how soon this being up all night while pregnant thing began.

In other news, I purchased the BellaBand online yesterday as well as two new pregnancy related books that I have been dying to get. I hope the BellaBand lives up the hype. I am hoping to get some new pants this weekend or next so I have some clothes to wear. I would like to avoid real maternity wear for a little while longer!

I am excited for the books I bought but I think I need to visit the library this weekend to find some of the others I would like to get - they are in the same vein. This buying pregnancy books thing is expensive but I feel like I will get good use of this book and this book for both kiddos over the next few years! I wished I had been more savvy and found these the first time around!


AndreAnna said...

1) Love the Snoodle - busted mine out already too!

2) LOVE my Bellaband. I, unlike you, am showing as if I'm 4-5 months and am only barely 3. And this band is my BFF, like 4-EVA!

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna: Good to know about the BellaBand! I am looking forward to wearing some clothes a little longer as well perhaps getting some use out of it while I am wearing maternity clothes as well.

I am sort of looking for to my snoogle. I loved that thing - I almost did not give it up but I think my hubby was tired of competing with it for my affection ;)

Kelly said...

I'm gald to hear some feed back on the Bella Band. I was actually just looking at them on Amazon, but wasn't sure if they would really be worth it. Can I be incredibly nosy and ask what size you ordered? It got mixed reviews for the sizing, which left me even more unsure.

Welcome to our World said...

I did a size one personally. I thought about a two but I suppose I want it to be snug. If you go to the BellaBand web site they have a supposed sizing chart and that is what I based my decision on. or

Also, I ended up doing white. I was more torn over the color. I thought black initially but than I started thinking about t-shirts and light colored tops and went for the white because I will mostly be preggo during the summer months and when I would need it will be early spring (plus OMG no black this time around... that is mostly what I wore last time - the treachery!!)

Welcome to our World said...

Hey Kelly, did you know about this store??? We should go hit this place up!?

Baby Browns
223 S. Pete Ellis Dr.
Suite 7B
Bloomington, IN 47408
877-356-BABY (2229)
Fax: 812.323.7288