Monday, January 14, 2008

Photo Update!

Is that a pregnant tummy or just a fat gut post holidays? Could be either, huh? SO not cute but it is what it is at 13 weeks pregnant... SIGH.

NOW this is cute. Matthew has taken to crawling under his bed and ta DA! Look mom, no legs!

Or this face in the first real snow of the year (which was BEFORE Christmas in 2007 because I am SO on top of posting photos...)

Is it too late to show any Christmas pictures? Probably... SO I finally uploaded some to Flickr and added that to link to my side bar. Yeah for you all!


Tessie said...

Yay, pictures! You look great!

Melissa said...

Great pics! Love the belly shots!

AndreAnna said...

Your 13 week picture makes me want to kick you in the shins!

I'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday and I was bigger than you at 8 weeks. I'm gonna be harpooned in a few months; I just know it!

You look great though! :)

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna: Thanks... I feel NOT very pregnant looking and I expected to be much larger by this time SO it is kind of weird. I seriously thought there was something wrong with me when I saw your photos because I thought that was what I would be like by now...Truth be known I am still kind of freaked out but I am sure everything is fine!

Constance said...

The baby is so teeny at this point, it probably has most to do with muscle memory---whether your tummy muscles are like, "Oh, WE remember THIS!" or whether they're not. Yours--evidently claiming amnesia.