Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Photos: Get yer red hot Photos!

Wow another round of photos for your viewing pleasure! I know that I am about a month behind... Oh quit complaining already! At least I finally uploaded them from the camera... (grumble grumble grumble...)

I am feeling immeasurably lazy this week - actually mostly exhausted like I don't know may how one would feel when there is a baby growing inside of them or something weird like that. But seriously, yesterday at work I was so tired that instead of going downstairs to workout - I found a pillow and huddled on the floor to nap for 1/2 hour before working out... total loser, I know. I was so tired my head was tilting ever faster toward my keyboard and I was a big huge grouch. I thought 'holy shit if I do not sleep NOW I will never make it home to enjoy some time with Matthew, make dinner, clean up the house, do the bed time routine, etc...' The nap worked so I am thankful for that pillow, that cushioned floor, the quiet for 30 minutes as pathetic as it all may sound - I had energy and spunk and was not in the least bit grouchy after the nap so it was worth it!

Our 1st attempt to see Santa (12.24.07)

Ah, there he is... a requisite mall Santa
whom Kevin seemed more intrigued with...

Cookies, nog and carrots for Santa & his reindeer!

Concentration: trains

Helping Lucy with her stocking stuffers!
He helped the dogs with their stuff before
he ever dug into his own stocking!

Watching a show & snuggling with Santana over the break

Snowman and decorations (this snowman fell apart at least three times - Matthew was devastated each time... Poor kid.)


Melissa said...

Great pictures! Kevin looks SUPER excited to see Santa!

Welcome to our World said...

Yeah no kidding... I guess someone had to be. I should have scanned the photo they took because Matthew actually looked up AND smiled so we did get ONE cute photo!

LoriD said...

You got to sit in Santa's chair? Cool!

I hear you on the uploading of photos. I always had a tiny memory card that held about 35 pictures. To me, this was perfect. My picture uploads were quick and frequent and I could always find the pictures. In the fall, my husband got involved and decided we needed a bigger card; this one holds about 1200 pictures. As a result, we take way more pictures, but wait forever to upload them. When they are uploaded, it takes hours to go through them. I was much, much happier with my tiny card.

Welcome to our World said...

Lori d: I agree. I had a camera with a smaller card than we bought a new card with some crazy amt of memory like 1200 and I just have no desire to sit through the upload. I love having more space for photos on one hand. On the other, it makes me totally lazy beyond words.

As for Santa's chair, Matthew would have run into Target rather than go see Santa by himself so thank goodness they let Kevin sit with him!

K and J's mom said...

Those are great photos! I love the one of M sucking his thumb on the couch. Makes me wanna snuggle right up with him!!!