Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nothing to Fear

So I assessed last night and realized I have nothing to fear in terms of maternity wear for the winter/early spring months. I have enough. I bought two cheap o shirts at Target recently plus another non maternity shirt but OMG it totally looks like a maternity shirt plus the shirts I had from the 1st go around. I still fit okay into most of my pants. And I got the Bella Band I ordered and LOVE IT! I totally have my jeans on with the button undone RIGHT NOW and you cannot tell! YEAH! I figure I can also still wear some of my none maternity wear (shirts wise) but I have to tell you for those of you who actually see me often I am quite sure there will be A LOT of repeated items but I also decided that I can handle that from January to April (when it hopefully will start to warm back up...) so I do not end up spending a fortune on maternity wear over the course of three seasons.

After being reminded by Melissa that I can get away with gaucho pants and dresses in the summer I think I am going to take that route. I was also happy to find I have two maternity skirts! I did not wear skirts much because it was dang cold the last time I was pregnant and the thought of wearing tights made me gag just a little especially by the last months of my pregnancy. I would not need to wear anything on my legs in the summer so I can actually use these skirts this go around.

I am looking forward to finding some fun flowing summer dresses to wear - I can go all Woodstock and wear flip flops and flowery summer dresses - WOOOO HOOO! Maybe a daisy in my hair?! Okay, maybe not... I could not wear any shoes by about month six during the first pregnancy without massive pain so flip flops are going to be the shoe of choice I have a feeling especially by June/July/August. I actually hate shoes and would prefer to never wear them but that is not possible obviously! Ugh and let us not even delve into under garments which I hate to buy because I am cheap and the mere thought of the dowdy nursing bar makes me shudder with disgust... woe is me!

All in all, I am sure this monumental post is heart warming to you and yours BUT I am feeling infinitely better about the maternity wear issue now.


Melissa said...

Don't worry about the clothing repeats. If you look at my pregnancy pictures from this last go-round you'll see that I pretty much wore either a black skirt, black gouchos or brown gouchos. I mixed and matched with about 4 or 5 different tops BUT I think I wore the same pair of sandals all summer...until they broke and I had to scramble out at lunch to buy a new pair one day!

K and J's mom said...

oh yes! Every woman who has been pg before knows that repeats just are a part of pregnancy-wear. I'm sure everyone who knows me can easily recall the capris, denim enorm-o shorts, and either the red or black top. LOL I loaned much of it out to a friend and was almost sad to see them go. ha ha ha I LIVED in about three different outfits all summer. And don't get me started on the "lounge-wear" that I wore EVERYWHERE. (places I should never have been allowed to!) I think that is one of the nicest things about pregnancy...a license to do/wear/look any way that is COMFORTABLE. Good luck!!!

Welcome to our World said...

Good point Nicki and I saw Melissa almost every day for a chunk of her pregnancy and I never noticed that she was wearing the same things SO I just need to get over my bad self (like I am some fashion maven when I am not pregnant ;)