Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oddly enough

Back to the baby name thing - can we say NEUROTIC together?!

Kevin and I have not one but TWO boy names that we love and are excited about. SO surely this will be a girl because yeah we do NOT have ONE single girl name that we like or can think of that is (a) not in the top ten most popular names in the universe and (b) that we just hate... Well, we have plenty of time, right!?

I was also fascinated by the fact that my two nieces (Alexandra & Sofia which is spelled differently then the most popular Sophia but whatev...) as well as my sister's name (Adriana) were all in the top 100 names list from for 2007! I knew that Alexandra and Sofia were popular names in the past 15 years (Alex is going to be 14 next month and Sofia is four so this is not shocking I guess...) I was most surprised by Adriana just because I have never met any other Adriana's in my life besides my mother and sister. Any who...

Oh and I suggested Gabriella (thanks for the suggestion Jennifer!) because I really liked the name and Kevin said 'well that is the name of Matt R***'s kid...' I was like 'ah yeah. I hardly know those people and they live in flippin' Canada so therefore I cannot name my child this?' I feel like that is like saying my sister's best friend's uncle's daughter is named a particular name so I cannot use it... I mean really - when did he get all anal about this naming business anyway. It would be different it were say their dog's name or someone he did not like.

SO I am hunting for girl names. I have some I like but I think - no I know - that Kevin will dislike them. AND all of this is subject to change and why oh why am I being so stinkin' neurotic about this... I do not need to be neurotic until week 20 or even you know two weeks before the baby is due and we still have not picked that girl name... Ekkk...

I am starting to scare even me ;)


LoriD said...

Names are so hard, especially if you're trying to avoid the top 100 AND avoid knowing anyone else with the same name.

That's great that you have 2 boy names you like. With our third, we could not agree on even one boy name. Right up to the last minute (up the elevator to Labour & Delivery), we were throwing out boy names and came to no consensus. Luckily, it was a girl!

Two of my kids' names are in the top 100 (one of them in the top 10!), but we just had the rule that we not know anyone else with the name. Even though they are considered popular names, there isn't another of either of them in their whole school.

Welcome to our World said...

Matthew's name is consistently in the top 10 and I did not mind this because of the reason we gave him this name. Also, we have hardly met or known any kids with his name so I can see your point... It is a good point and reminder about the top 100 and letting it all go :)

Part of me is fairly traditional and I do not want to name a kid something "unusual" just because I do not want his/her name on the top 100. I have a feeling we will end up with top 100 girl names because we all have to live with the name AND also I want my child to be able to "grow into the name" we pick.

Finally, one of the boy names is not in the top 100 but the other is and I recently have seen several baby boys with this name so I have feeling in 2008 that name will go up in the numbers but I do not care because I like it and that is all that counts!

I love the story about throwing boy names out as you were going into L&D!

AndreAnna said...

My daughter Charlotte was so named because we were flying into Charlotte, NC the day we found out we were pregnant. Cool story, right?

This kid was conceived on Halloween - um, what cool names to I get for that? Jason? Freddy? Carrie? LOL.

We're not really seriously discussing anything until we find out the sex and then we'll start narrowing it down.

Welcome to our World said...

Ohh I do like the Charlotte story (but I also LOVE her name!)

Halloween, huh? Christine!!! Okay I know that is more Steven King than Halloween but I love that man so I guess it works - Tabitha (that is SK's daughter's name - yeah I know weird facts!)

I totally agree with about just narrowing down at the point when we finally find out the sex but for some reason I am obsessing about names and neurotic about it to boot... MUST FIND PERFECT NAME NOW NOW NOW! See scary ;)

K and J's mom said...

Names are hard, but you always end up with the right one. "Jack" was Kate's boy name and we learned of literally three boys named the same that year. We really struggled with finding a name for our Jack. We tossed around several, Jacob, Eli (Dan hated that one), James (Dan hated that one even though that is HIS middle name and I LOVE it), Griffin (Dan loved this one, I liked it, but couldn't wrap my mind around "Griffin Williamson"). Finally, we decided NOT to worry about the fact that there were a few "Jacks" on the periphery of our lives (long distance friends that we never see, distant relatives) and go with what we liked best. And honestly, I have not heard of ONE new Jack since we chose his name. Funny, huh? I thought Rowan was very cute and Dan agreed that "Jack Rowan" sounded good together and was vaguely related to his Grandfather's name. I think they sound good together. So be it. Hang in there, it will come together and once you decide, you'll never think twice about it!

AndreAnna said...

My husband suggested Gage from Pet Cemetery - but that kid FREAKED me out. LOL.

I'd loan you Charlotte! ;)

Tessie said...

Well, I still love Gabriella, and I've always been a fan of Charlotte.