Monday, February 18, 2008

Alternate Wedding Ring?

Ah, I love my wedding & engagement rings. Sadly I have kicked them to the curb already. Two whole months earlier then the last pregnancy. They were getting tight and oddly the skin was always itchy around them. I felt like if I went much longer they would have ended up being cut off so there ya go. I am not as swollen yet as I was last time overall or at least I do not feel like I am THAT swollen (hush to those of you who see me all the time and are thinking 'she's on crack - she looks like she had a massive allergic reaction!') I have noticed my socks and shoes are getting tighter but the ring is really the thing I have noticed the most so far.

During my first pregnancy Kevin bought me a little ring with my birth stone for our five year togetherness anniversary. It was lovely and HUGE just like me and so I wore that ring the last time I was pregnant on my ring finger. I had it resized when I resized after Matthew was born but I did not go too small because I wanted to be sure I had it still if we ever decided to have a 2nd baby and lo here we are.

I am wearing it again and thankfully it still slips all over the place and fits like a dream! Why does this matter, you might wonder? It does not, NOT really. I mean whatever... I hardly look at women's ring fingers any more to see if they are married or not or even what their rings look like. Something I did obsessively before & after I was 1st engaged & married! Really I love this ring but never wear it so it is getting its day in the sun while the other rings get a well deserved pregnancy break!

What did you do when your wedding rings stopped fitting if anything? Do you have an alternate ring? Or some other options?

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K and J's mom said...

I took mine off earlier the second time too. Well, more like PULLED AND SCRAPED it off over my big, fat, swollen finger! I looked for a cheap version of something to wear instead, and considered one of those big 'ol costume jewelry rings, you know the ones that can't possibly be real? But, I decided the tan line left by my finger sans ring would do and if people wanted to wonder if I was pg without being married, well, I didn't care. (I still think the costume jewelry idea was a good one, just to see the reactions, but not very practical!)

AndreAnna said...

My rings stopped fitting around the 6 month mark last time but so far they seem to fit still, though I feel bigger this time.

I put them on a chain and wore them around my neck and had another ring I usually wore on my right hand that I switched over.

It worked.

Melissa said...

The first time around I ditched the rings well before 5 months. and still had to get them resized (bigger) about 6 months after she was born. They were really pretty small before I got pregnant so the resizing was to a more normal size...and I still had 'baby fat' to lose! I didn't worry about not having a ring on most of the time until my brother's wedding in which I was a bride's maid. Yeah, 6 months pregnant bride's maid...I shudder at those pictures sometimes! Anyway, I didn't want the bride's family to wonder if I was married so I got a cheap little silver band from Target. Funny thing is that now I wouldn't even care if someone thought I wasn't married.

With #2 I could have kept the rings on the entire time. They never really got tight but they just kind of started to bother me a few weeks before he was born. Knowing that I wouldn't want to wear them to the hospital I just took them off for safe keeping. I didn't do a replacement ring this time. I went without them for a few weeks even after he was born because I was scared of scratching him with if I have some HUGE rock on my finger!

Welcome to our World said...

Nicki- I agree about the ring thing. I basically wore nothing until Kevin bought me the ring and at 1st I thought what must people thing esp when I was by myself (and believe me there were plenty of looks!) which actually started to make me laugh more and more as I became bigger and bigger! I think the costume jewelry thing would be fun to freak your friends and family out with - "oh yeah Dan took a second mortgage out to buy this ring but I am worth it" ;)

Andreanna- I thought about wearing my rings on a chain but ultimately I was too lazy to find a decent chain & feared they would fall off but I still think that is the next best idea in terms of still having your rings with you!

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa ~ I agree even with my alternate ring I could not have that thing on toward the end of my 1st pregnancy. I had a nasty head cold with an ear infection so I was washing my hand 24/7 like that was going to stop the cold? But I just could not stand to have a ring on at that point.

Then I remained fairly swollen for weeks after and like you I feared scratching the heck out of the baby that seriously I do not think I wore a ring during the 1st six months of Matthew's life partly because I simply forget and one day I was like 'HEY my rings'! Then it was kind of fun to wear them again!

LoriD said...

I never did have to ditch my rings during pregnancy. My engagement ring was always a touch too big, which I guess was a good thing.

Mandy said...

I put mine on a chain and wore them around my neck;)

Also, when I was pregnant I also ditched my watch b/c it was bothering me and still (4 years later) it still bothers me to wear it so I dont.

I like the idea of having a larger sized ring for the pregnancy!!