Monday, February 18, 2008

Pollsters Ready?

No, I am not talking about the election or anything on that level - and NO I am not apathetic, I just have much more IMPORTANT things on my mind then a silly little presidential election that may provide this country with something other than a talking monkey... er I mean... did I just say that?

Actually, I am taking a page from Diary of Modern Matriarch and doing a "what do you think the sex is?" poll. It is over there - yes, right there - on the right side bar. It is fairly simple - boy or girl? What do you think?

I have a guess and this guess that is not based on desire or anything silly like that (at this point I just want HEALTHY.) Mostly my guess is based on the VAST difference between this pregnancy and my last already and we are only 17 weeks in. I will let you know my guess at a later date (like say the day before the ultrasound which is next Wednesday February 27th so you do not need to wait TOO long for the answer.

So join in the fun and guess away - send your friends and family to guess too since I know my readership is ah shall we say... minuscule to say the least! AH the fun I provide on this blog (oh and I know STILL NO Disney photos because I SUCK!) They are uploaded and ready to put out there - I just really am truly a lazy gal. I admit it.


AndreAnna said...

I voted girl just because. LOL.

Mike felt the baby move already last night - it's so crazy how much faster it happens the second time. He/She was doing the late-night acrobatics and I had Mike press down and the baby kicked him three times. Last time, it took up to like 24 weeks or something to feel it from the outside. This kid must be a ninja!

melissa said...

Baby girl all the way!

Welcome to our World said...

This one is sneaky. There are kicks here and there but the minute I try to actually FEEL them with my hands, they go away. Though like the not showing part, I thought I would feel more sooner & I have but without the intensity that I thought. I seek shelter in the fact that it took probably until about 20-22 weeks last time to feel much.

Ninja babies = boys, I swear ;)

jennifer said...

Liam was always very shy with other people feeling my belly :) I'm guessing girl, btw!

K and J's mom said...

hmmmmm... your pg does "sound" more like the one I had with........girl girl girl. We'll see! Can't wait to hear!!!

Tessie said...

I vote GIRL!