Thursday, February 7, 2008


Last time I was pregnant my craving were "normal" PMS-y type cravings. I do not remember anything out of the ordinary other than I ate like a bloody COW thus gaining in the 50 plus range of poundage. Whatever, I had fun doing it dammit!

The thing I craved most during the last pregnancy was ice cream & sugar based products like candy & sweets but not dessert type stuff. This go around I do crave the dessert stuff (because there is distinction between candy and cake...) like cookies or frosted cake (?) and brownies but ice cream - bleck. It makes me feel a little sickly to even think about ice cream! Which is WEIRD because normally I would site ice cream as one of my top three foods (along with pizza and burritos... Healthy, no!?)

I have found that I crave two odd things that I did not crave before - as in the 1st pregnancy or before I got pregnant this time. Those two items are avocados and oatmeal. Not together of course though that gets me thinking.... but I long for these two things. If I do not start my day with oatmeal, I am disappointed! And I have been adding avocado to every sandwich I make. Avocados are just SO yummy to me right now!

This craving I have mentioned before but I have an affinity toward salty products. Which by itself I do not find odd. I mean when I have had PMS I normally crave both salt and/or sweet items alternately or together. The strange thing about this salt based craving should be taken in the context of the 1st pregnancy where all I wanted was sugar 24/7.

I have been doing things a little differently this pregnancy. I have only gained about 8 lbs to date. Don't get your knickers in a knot- I was already 10 lbs heavier to start this pregnancy versus the last one so I think of it as 18 lbs. I am trying to stay in the 25-35 "recommended" weight gain.

I have been working out harder than I did during the last pregnancy. I worked out during the 1st one through the better part of all three trimesters but mostly I went to the gym and felt sorry for myself for being the only preggo chick there. I half heartedly lifted weights and rode on the recumbent bike while reading whatever the most trashy magazine was available! This time I run! And lift weights!

AND I am eating better then I did with Matthew. Salads and carrots and less candy from the candy drawer here at the office. Of course, I am still eating like a little piggy at times. I mean that was me hoofing down half the bag of Ruffles and Onion dip on Super Bowl Sunday. Oh SALTY crunchy goodness I yearn for thee!

But over all I am trying to be much more conscious of things because my goodness I will be 35 by the time this wee tot arrives and by the time I begin to even think about trying to lose weight from this pregnancy I am quite certain I will be closer to 40 then I like to think about ;) SO I feel the need to be more "careful" this time around.

Well, I am off to get my oatmeal and avocado! Though my mind is saying 'QUICK run to Kroger - chips and dip NOOOOOW!'


Melissa said...

Now I want chips and dip and I'm not even preggo so I don't have that excuse! Although, I am nursing...hmmm...

My cravings were totally different with both pregnancies. With L I wanted fruit and went through a raspberry phase. With C I wanted meat which is totally not like me! I even ate ribs a few times during his pregnancy.

Good for you working out and eating better! I ended up gaining about 40+ pounds with each kid even though my weight gain started off slower with C.

Oh, and I totally agree on the distinction between candy and desserts. I was struggling with this yesterday when I wanted chocolate but only a specific kind of chocolate!

Jen said...

I have been eating chips and dip like crazy lately! I wish I still had some- I finished them off during the super bowl. hee hee

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa - I think I ate MORE when I nursed and probably gained back 10 lbs during that 20 month period because I was SO hungry 24/7 so sure it is the best excuse to chow down (esp during the 1st year!)

I think 30-40 lbs is reasonable. My 50+ was out of control non stop feeding frenzy out of stress and fear and any other lame excuse I can come up with now ;)

Yeah another person to agree about dessert versus candy!!!

Mmmm, chips and dip - the power of suggestion ;) I wish I had some left too!

LoriD said...

With each of my three kids I gained exactly 38 lbs. My goal was always no more than 30, but I just couldn't do it. I chalk it up to the massive amounts of chocolate milk a drank... it was really my only craving.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Oh, chips and dip. How I love thee.

I ALWAYS crave salty foods. Always. Jason's been known to ask me if I want to split a candy bar or something and I'll say, "Nah. I'm gonna have some kettle chips."

Welcome to our World said...

Mmmmm KETTLE chips. Makes me crave them just to read those sweet (Salty?!) words!!!