Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pregnancy Non Happenings

Being pregnant has not really been a "problem" to date. My morning sickness was mild to the point of nonexistent. I even worried there was something wrong at some points during the 1st trimester because I felt okay most of the time. I

can still sausage my way into my "regular" zip type pants with & without the Bella Band. I have been exercising more than I did before I was even pregnant and sort of eating well.

I have little to no heart burn and there is nothing I cannot eat. Okay that is an outright lie - onions just make me gag but that was a before I was pregnant thing too.

I did have that headache that I bitched about over the weekend (it is gone now, thanks for asking ;) which is probably somewhat related to hormones but mostly I STRONGLY dislike sleeping on my side. And since I do not have much choice I am sucking it up and sleeping on my side but even with my Snoogle it is uncomfortable and gives me the worst neck aches ever.

And there is this pregnancy acne thing - Mount Saint Helen's erupted on my lower jaw over the weekend - my god, I wanted to cry from the pain but again it is livable.

BUT seriously there could be so many OTHER things to bitch about, right? Right.

Maybe I am just used to these things now? Maybe I am aware they will happen so it is not as "new" as the last time? Perhaps I am just over it all. What I am really trying to say is that I feel pregnant but I do not. I am just not as "sensitive" as I was during the 1st pregnancy about pregnancy 'things'. Maybe those all night nursing sessions have turned me into a super mom!? Ha. Seriously though I remember peeing 50 times a night most nights and also if I went to bed past 9 pm when I was pregnant with Matthew, I was royal bitch. Now when I wake up in the night, I am like 'eh I can hold it' and go back to sleep and I do not go to bed before 11p most nights.

The only thing that has "bothered" me this go around is the fact that if I wake up in the middle of night for reasons OTHER than needing to go pee, I am up. For instance, last night Matthew fell out of bed and woke up crying because he was cold and/or uncomfortable so I put him back in bed and he went to sleep like, well, like a baby. I laid in bed and "wrote" long rambling blog entries in my head, made endless to do lists, tossed and turned and moved the dogs around trying to get more room in bed. I tried to clear my mind and think of nothing all Zen like. I went pee a few times and generally just laid there listening to the rain and storms go by.

I am not tired today. Not like I would normally be. It is so strange. I hate sitting up like that. I mean if I have a genuine reason to sit up and worry then it makes sense but there was nothing to bother me last night (or any other time this has happened since being pregnant.) I was tired but could not sleep. It reminded me of nursing. Most nights I could do the all night nursing session and barely bat an eye but there would be that one day when it would catch up and all hell would break loose. I would be cranky, tired, bitchy... sigh.

When I was pregnant with Matthew even though I had no idea I sort of assumed it was the human response to getting ready for a baby. I still think this but I keep wondering 'WON'T THERE BE TIME ENOUGH FOR ME TO CONTEMPLATE MY NAVEL ALL NIGHT LONG IN AUGUST?' And also 'Ah I already know to expect that I am not going to sleep well for the next 12-24 months so why do we have to REHEARSE this all over again!?!?"

So for selfish reasons, I am here to bitch about my night time wakings. Wail, poor me, right?!

Okay well so whatever - Linda had her baby yesterday! What a cute little peanut he is and she looks fab! Go say 'hi and congrats'!


AndreAnna said...

Maybe it's just the territory with the second one. I had mild, almost non-existent morning sickeness too. It literally lasted only a week or so, and other than that, I don't feel pregnant at all.

I am tired as hell but other than that, there really is no indication to this baby inside me.

However, I, unlike you, am showing. A lot. That's a good reminder. LOL.

Welcome to our World said...

That is true... I am seriously ready to be showing. Most of the time I just feel really really really bloated! I do need to take a photo this week (I am not near as good as you with the weekly photo) because I do look "more" pregnant than before. I just thought I would pop sooner, you know?! On the other hand I hoping to hold off until about week 20 to really start to show so I can just move from winter to spring/summer clothes which I need to buy yet!

LoriD said...

I was like that for all three pregnancies - virtually symptomless until I started showing at about 5 months (later with the first). The difference with the first was that I was more in tune with what would be/should be happening, worrying that I wasn't on the right track. With the other two, I would become seriously surprised if I did get a typical symptom (like heartburn)!

Melissa said...

I was amazed at how different both pregnancies were. Very little sickness with #2 but certain foods (carbs) had a strange impact on me. I was sure I would have Gestational Diabetes but passed the test with flying colors.

Pregnant side sleeping is the worst. At the end of both pregnancies I think I slept with about 5 pillows tucked under various parts of my LARGE body!

Hope you are able to get some sleep soon.