Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Did List

Do you know what sucks more than being too busy for words all weekend? Having a snarly headache that wrapped my entire brain in a hellish grip and made my brain feel all mushy and painful and OMG I still freaking have that same headache as I type! That is three days for those of you doing the math...

I planned to accomplish so much this weekend. I laid about and did nothing while my sick husband did EVERYTHING. I suck.

Our poor poor house. Usually when I go on a trip I whip the house into a frenzy of cleaning goodness. This time I did not (before Disney that is.) I have not cleaned since two weeks before Christmas when we had a party and guests. Embarrassing. Kevin vacuumed the whole house this weekend, I managed to swipe a cloth across one little area (okay the front of the TV because it was driving me bonkers that I could see finger marks on it while I sat sucking my thumb in the corner of the couch...) and I cleaned our disease ridden - I mean - disgusting bathroom. That is it. Oh, I did the usual laundry, dishes and groceries. Can I hire someone to do those three things? 'Cause I will. I hate them. They despise me too.

We did manage to go furniture shopping again. Matthew needs a bed. We also ended up walking away with a totally unplanned purchase. A king bed for our room - HOORAY! We know need all new bedding for our room and Matthew needs a duvet/duvet cover (I bought him a blanket at Bed Bath & Beyond this past week and sheets many moons ago from Pottery Barn that have since been discontinued which pissed me off because I cannot buy a matching duvet cover - BASTARDS!) Also, now both of our rooms need headboards but that will come later.

Let's just get through the transition of a big kid bed/room for Matthew... AND holy shit more room in our bed for, well, us. Not that I do not love my dogs but good lord what were we thinking? Santana was 3 lbs when we brought him home and he almost died of Parvo that is what I was thinking. Lucy, well she was just pathetic looking so sad sitting at the end of the bed while we three snuggled up that she just had to be a part of our bed (dog bed).

Kevin & Matthew went for a skate at the ice rink with his friend, Grayson on Sunday. They were there forever to the point where I started thinking 'OMG I should have gone. What if Matthew fell on his head and they are sitting at the ER? I should have made them take his helmet..." Sigh. They were fine and Matthew is getting ever more confident on skates - or so I am told because I was not there to document (YES I know photos from Disney and all that - I have NOT done it... Sorry.) We discussed plans (actually we have done this 2-3 times in the past few months - mostly I want to keep Matthew entertained after Pancake arrives...) for Matthew to take up some real live kiddo activities this coming year!!! Skating classes and what ever else he will be old enough to do! That is exciting! I am looking forward to seeing him have an outlet for all that flippin' energy that I would like to learn how to harness because holy crap think of the money I could make off that kind of energy!

We watched the Super Bowl - well part of it. I indulged in chips and French onion dip (my fav.) The game was boring until the last 6 minutes.

Oh one more thing - people I need you to help me: what are the requirements for a kid to get into a booster seat for the car? OR where can I go to find out. Matthew is around 40 lbs and we measured on the ghetto chart in his room this weekend - that is a triple check - we could not believe it the 1st two times: 38" tall (3 ft 2 inches - I could not believe it...)

Jen: Have you had that baby yet? If not, I am sending 'having baby today' vibes your way!

That is it. Headache - still here. What did you do this weekend?


AndreAnna said...

I had the same headache last week. It WOULD NOT go away! I feel for ya.

I'm not even bothering trying to transition C into a big girl bed yet. She loves her crib too much. Good luck with it!

And when we got a king size bed, I was like "How did we ever live without one?" LOL

Melissa said...

Sorry about your headache.

We seriously need to hire a cleaning service because our house is just gross. Dog fur everywhere and don't even get me started on the bathrooms...especially the master bath. Yuck!

Here is a good web site about car seat stuff.

'Tis the season for big kid beds! We ordered Lily's this weekend from JC Penney. Got a fantastic deal and FREE shipping!

LOVE the king size bed! We couldn't live without one. BTW...we have a very nice king size headboard from Pier One that we only used for about 6 months. Let me know if you're interested...I'll give you a good deal!

We're going to hav eto check out the ice skating thing sometime. I think L would like that. I'm also planning to get her involved in some kind of activity this fall. I'm thinking dance class right now. She is SO getting a tutu!

Jen said...

Sigh. No baby yet. :( Please keep sending those vibes my way!!!

Welcome to our World said...

Oh Momma Jen - he will come before you it, I promise! Just try to worry as little as possible (I know, I know -SHUT UP CHRISTINA) - I swear that holds those little tots back ;) Hang in there and try to enjoy some quiet time before he arrives!!!

Welcome to our World said...

Thanks for car seat info Melissa. What does the head board look like? We bought our entire bedroom set from Pier One so we need something sort of goes with what we have. Likely it will have to be a wrought iron type head board though I would love something wood. I am not going out of my way to match the wood with the stuff we have...

Well here's to yucky houses and bathrooms!!! ;) If I could drink I would drink to that!!

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna - Matthew is in his toddler bed and we just took the rails down off that as well so he has been transitioned to that at least. The big thing is that his bed will be the next baby's crib. We also be removing the rocking chair AND the changing table from his room so he will have an EMPTY room. Poor kid! SO the bed is a needed item and we cannot wait too long to do it or else will FLIP out (or maybe I will!) Plus the cost of everything at once might feel a little oppressive so we are trying to do "big" purchases every month until the babe arrives!

Cannot wait for the King bed!!! Glad to hear everyone LOVES theirs!

Welcome to our World said...

Oh and Melissa (rambling and I keep leaving whole words out of these comments...) I found the perfect bed for Matthew at Kittle's BUT it will have to wait since it is pricey. I know we could find one for less but I fell in love with the style and I think it will grow with him (hopefully...) I am going to have to check out JC Penney's though just in case!!