Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick. We are...

Yes, we are too. The flu or whatever bug has decided to come & live in our house too. Seemingly like the rest of world (and not in the 'OH yeah I am part of the cool club' sort of way) we are sick. Oh well. I think my sickness is mostly allergies on top of a small sinus infection. Kevin and Matthew solidly have the flu but Matthew is being very pleasant about it all so meh whatev. Kevin is the one who seems to have been struck the hardest with a fever and a hacking hideous cough - don't the big ones fall the hardest? They are heavily medicated so perhaps Matthew is really rather pleasant from all of the medicine and if we took it all away bam he would be an unpleasant toddler. WHO KNOWS... Nor do I care to know if you care to know.

I am slugging my way through work right now then I will go home and take on parenting duties while Kevin comes to work to you know do work. I am hoping Matthew will take his usual nap so I can... ah work. Yeah from home. I need to work. Still having a craptastic first part of the year and it seems to keep getting worse so WEEEE...

Other than that we had a lovely weekend until the sickness struck. We had a chance to go to the local children's museum and visit with friends! It was good to see the new baby, Holden, Chad (HI GUYS) and Rachel. Generally it was just nice to hang out with everyone!

Kevin and Matthew bought a new bed frame and we have a spare room/workout room/study now with room to spare in there STILL. It is nice to not just have a room filled with shit that I did not want to look at. I cleaned A LITTLE and we ate out A LOT.

I figured out how to work THE iPod and I am in love. Why did I wait two months!!! It is awesome. It is also fairly cute to see Matthew with the ear buds in watching his favorite show without having to also experience THAT episode of Bob the Builder AGAIN! I wanted to get it worked out so we could get shows on there for our upcoming to trip to Seattle.

Also, Super Why! Have you seen it (or watched) it with our kiddos? If not, it is SUPER good. It is on PBS on week day mornings (7:30a here). Check it out. Matthew loves this show! It is fairly interactive which we love and it seems like he can actually learn from it (or at least I am going to turn a blind eye and pretend to believe this theory :)

Oh yeah (like I could forget) tomorrow is the day to see if 90% of you were correct or if that one lone soul who went out on a limb and said BOY is correct! I AM SO FRICKIN' EXCITED even through the ever increasing headache-y haze!!! WHOOT WHOOT! (yeah I just whoot, what of it?!??!) stay on the each of your seats peeps - I will report the minute I can on the sex of this little tyke/tykess!!


LoriD said...

Super Why! We just saw that for the first time this weekend and all three kids LOVED it. It is very well done.

Sorry you're all sick. The just sucks.

I think I was the one that said boy... sounds like something I would do. :-)

AndreAnna said...

I'm so jealous you find out a day earlier than me!

I can't wait to hear your news!

Sorry you're sick. It's making its rounds here too. Fell well soon!

Melissa said...

Sorry you all are still sick. I hope it passes soon.

Super Why! is awesome! I really do think that it helped Lily to learn the alphabet.

so excited to hear about the baby news tomorrow!

melissa said...

Also, you can download episodes of SuperWhy! from their web site at pbs.org. THey have a pod cast you can subscribe to.