Friday, February 22, 2008

Weather and The Nudist Colony

AND still no day off from work? WTF??? I ask you why do I live in a place with ZERO snow days per year yet I still say today could have qualified as an official day off?! COME ON!

Any who I wrote a whole other post for today yesterday for my easy posting pleasure but then last night happened. The snow, sleet, ice crap started. We left work on time actually and were driving to pick Matthew up when we noticed an old man had fallen down on the side of dangerous two lane road just as we were coming to the top of the road. Kevin stopped and I jumped out to help him up because he could NOT get up on his own. He was rather old and thankfully Kevin hopped out to help me because this guy put all his weight on me trying to get up and I would have fallen too!

The lady behind us also put on her hazards and the cars behind us all stopped so no one was being dumb and trying to go around all of it. The old man happened to fall on the widest part of the road in a drive way thankfully or else he would have been hit. We asked him if we could drive him home and he said he would appreciate that.

We found out he had been in an accident - lost control of his car and hit a tree earlier. He had been taken to the ER and released. He called a cab but the cab company said they would not drive out in the country in the weather. SO apparently he decided to walk. Let me tell you, his walk would have been dangerous even for someone 30 years younger & he would died trying to get to his home - I do not feel like I am exaggerating here.

He also told us he had a stroke a few years back and his left side did not work so well any more. We were at the 4000 "block" and he said he lived in the mid 7000 area of the same road. Seriously it would have been FIVE miles from where he fell to walk to his "home" and with NO sidewalks on a two lane country road across a main highway, past a limestone quarry with absolutely no sidewalk or even extra room on the side of the road to walk, & much more.

I just shook my head the whole time muttering about WHO on earth would let this old guy WALK home in the weather we were having? He told us we did not need to drive him the whole way, that he felt bad and said it was far out of our way. We insisted and I am glad we did because when we pulled into 7330, it was a long "driveway" of the main road and we pulled up to a compound.

I was dumbfounded. It was a NUDIST COLONY! OMG. I think I had to stuff my eyes back into their sockets and stifled the bemused laughter that almost emanated from gaping maw! I think it was called Fern Glen or something like that but basically painted on the door to this place were the words Groovy and Living Nude. The sign outside the gate said "Delivery men please honk so we can come get packages" and the old man had to buzz himself into the gate of this "compound". He was really nice and insisted on leaving some money for gas which we tried to give back.

Kevin & I basically laughed the whole way back to get Matthew. I like to think he was just the winter caretaker of the grounds but who knows... Gotta LOVE living in liberal Southern IN... -


AndreAnna said...

What a great story! It makes me sad though that we, as a country, treat our elderly so poorly, in general.

But I guess he's a pretty happy guy where he lives! lol

Melissa said...

SHUT UP!! Yeah, so my eyes just about bugged out of my head when I read nudist colony! Good for you guys stopping to help him. I think karma gave you a big thumbs up for that one by giving you a fun story to tell!

And I'm totally losing it over "Delivery men please honk so we can come get packages"...and in small print "please excuse our packages". I'm tempted to google Fern Glen Nudist Colony but no, not at work...probably not a good idea!

Liberal Southern IN...isn't that an oxymoron!

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa - yes liberal SO IN is an oxymoron which is mostly why I like to say it because the people at my work say this all the time (and MEAN IT) and so I just giggle over it. I am like YOU HAVE SO GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Sorry totally an internal stupid inside joke - however you have to admit B-town is more liberal then most of the rest of IN, no?

That is funny because I too have been fighting the same urge to Google nudist colonies and southern IN all morning! AND WHY exactly??? I could not tell you... probably the same reason I some times read People or US weekly ;)

Pickles & Dimes said...

That is so nice of you guys to do that.

And a nudist colony? For real?

K and J's mom said...

Oh yes! When my beloved hubby took up a second job delivering pizzas so my fat butt could sit around on maternity leave a little longer, he totally delivered pizzas out there. It was SUMMER, so he saw everyone walking around. Butt ass naked. Old. Young. Naked. Funny!!!! And lemme tell ya, I've lived in several other communities in IN, and Bton is like a little pool of liberalism compared to the sounding communities. I swear it!