Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

As in NOT my house. No, actually I had to share this very important information with you all. I cleaned out my bookmarks!

Seriously, they were out of control. Not my work related ones - those are all in order and I use those frequently - You are smarter for knowing that, right?

But the NON work related items that I book mark at work. I am totally a surfer in between work and I find great sites on other blogs, from friends or just on my own. I have one sad little folder that I stuff everything into but it was getting TOTALLY out of control. In particular the Baby/Toddler "stuff" folder. I finally made little sub folders and re-organized the whole thing. I found I have book marked the same link in triplicate in some cases - for instance, Kangaroo Korner - as in my newest obession - SLINGS. No need to tell me more about the sling you liked the most or not, I now know more than I ever thought I would or should know on this topic - the best ones, the prices, the best for a baby vs. a toddler and the cheapest places to buy them both in town & on the web. I have an idea of what direction I am going with that - mostly thank you Melissa - you totally rock in this department!!! So I am fully organized and hell it only took up an hour of WORK time...

Hey this post could be worse - I could be talking about constipation, the having of... SO be glad I am ONLY telling you about the cleaning of the bookmarks.

Also, I could be bitching about my son NOT sleeping AGAIN at night (Oh wait here I go ;) THREE flipping years later I am still saying the same shit and looking for an answer and knowing, KNOWING the answer is staring me right back in the damn mirror every morning, me. I cannot let the kid cry it out and I cannot ignore him when he whines about it so I suck & give in ALL THE TIME! My mom was hard core about stuff like this & I struggle with having the same attitude because I kind of thought she was big bitch about some things in my life. Who wants to be the bitchy mom? BUT still. I think I need to find a middle ground, draw a line in the sand (dirt? concrete.) and not walk over that line... Sigh. This parenting gig can suck hiney some times!

I know the reason Matthew is struggling "out of the blue" about sleep. This no TV during school days is not making him happy (I AM THRILLED!) In our (Kevin's) infinite parenting wisdom - we made the bed change on Saturday (3-1 crib to pancake, big boy bed for Matthew) but I figured we have lots of time to move things around so let's do one item at a time. The rocking chair and change table could be moved later BUT Kevin got a bee in his bonnet on Monday and moved everything... I think Matthew is less then happy about this development - I would even go so far as to say PISSED off about it all. I know he will adjust eventually, it just the getting to the adjusting part that stinks.

So there you go - you can go on with your regularly scheduled day now.

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Melissa said...

I'm sure Matthew will adjust to his new room soon. Is he excited about sleeping in a big boy bed? Hooray for having a plan for slings! You'll love it!